Friday the 13th – USA, 2017 – aborted project


Friday the 13th was a 2017 American horror film reboot of the franchise that began with Friday the 13th in 1980. Breck Eisner (The Last Witch Hunter; The Crazies) was directing from a screenplay by Aaron Guzikowski. Scriptwriters Nick Antosca, Richard Naing and Ian Goldberg wrote earlier drafts.

On February 6, 2017, Deadline reported that the film has been dropped from Paramount’s 13th October release schedule. Later the same day, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that not only had the release been cancelled, the reboot itself is now also macheted by the studio.


There is speculation that the poor performance of the studio’s just released horror movie, Rings may have swayed nervous studio execs. Rings cost $25 million but has only taken $13 million at the US box office. That said, the reboots would have appealed to a different horror demographic audience so this may not be the main reason.

Apparently, a source close to the Friday the 13th development team would only comment that “the production was not ready to go at this date.”

Interestingly, neither the Friday the 13th nor Rings reboot projects have produced much interest in terms of web traffic on moviesandmania. Perhaps horror fans now crave something new rather than yet more rehashes of previous franchises? And perhaps the studio execs are finally realising this? Feel free to add your comments below; if you are one of the few visitors to this particular post, that is.

On January 27 and 29, 2017 Bloody Disgusting confirmed the latest news:

…casting is and has been underway on the next Friday the 13th, which is being produced by Platinum Dunes for Paramount Pictures with a target to release on Friday the 13th, October 2017. In addition, our friends at F13Franchise are reporting that pre-production is currently underway in hot spot Conyers, Georgia, which is 24 miles East of Atlanta.

It was also reported that Jason’s mother, Pamela, is going to make some sort of appearance in the new incarnation, as will his father, Elias.

Shooting from March 19th to May 4th, 2017, the current casting call holds one more surprise, a slightly different title: Friday the 13th, Part 13

On August 9, 2016, Variety reported that the production had applied for and been granted a tax credit of $5.6 million to film in the state of California. The tax credit program offers credits of up to 25% of a project’s budget.

A previous reboot in 2009 by Platinum Dunes (producers of 2003’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot) received decidedly mixed reviews and failed to initiate further sequels, despite taking $91 million at the box office. Paramount then picked up the rights for the series from New Line.


This Friday the 13th film was originally announced as a sequel but then became a second reboot and its release has now become October 13th, 2017.

Original rumours that it will be a found footage film have dried up and the latest indication is that the film will be in 3D, like 1982’s Friday the 13th Part III. Previously, David Bruckner (The Signal; V/H/S “Amateur Night”) had been slated to direct.

On 29th March 2016, the producers announced at WonderCon that “there will be a set visit for everybody soon. We’re so lucky to have Aaron Guzikowski writing, who is a fan of the franchise. He’s come up with an amazing story and we can’t wait to make this one.” They also hinted that this will be a 1980s “period film”.

According to, the producers confirmed there will be appearances by the entire Voorhees family.

“We now have official confirmation from the powers that be working on the Friday the 13th reboot film that Jason’s entire family will be shown on-screen, as the pop culture icon’s origin story will be further explored in this remake than in any other movie in the franchise.”

In a Yahoo interview, Fuller and co-producer Andrew Form also confirming the rumours that Jason’s father, Elias Voorhees, would also be showing up in the movie. Form said:

We’re going to meet the family. You’re gonna meet Pamela, Elias, and Jason. And you’re gonna see how it all happened.”


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