HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB (1972) Reviews and overview



‘Lust has never been this terrifying!’

Horror Rises from the Tomb – original title: El espanto surge de la tumba – is a 1972 Spanish supernatural horror feature film directed by Carlos Aured (The Mummy’s Revenge; Curse of the DevilThe Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll) and starring Jacinto Molina – better known as Paul Naschy


The film introduced Naschy’s character of Alaric de Marnac, an executed warlock who returns to life centuries later to wreak his revenge. De Marnac later returned in a belated 1982 sequel, Panic Beats.



“Nothing groundbreaking genre-wise (a sacred religious emblem is used to fight off the evil doers, a visit from the walking dead is strictly inspired by George Romero, etc.), but this has Naschy (in multiple roles, no less!) at his best, bloody gut-extracting effects that pre-date Tom Savini’s by years, and more beautiful woman on display (in various states of undress) than you could possibly ask for.” George R. Reis, DVD Drive-In


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“The entire film contains the look and feel of a nightmare. There are long stretches with little to no dialog allowing the music and sound effects to create an unsettling mood. As with most of the man’s films, it’s not technically a great movie, but the atmosphere takes hold maintaining the viewers interest.” Cool Ass Cinema


El espanto surge de la tumba has its crudities and a few outright absurdities, but Aured’s spirited staging – and the deliciously diabolical combination of Naschy and Liné – make it arguably Naschy’s most entertaining vehicle of all, a small classic of fantaterrorífico Español.” Jonathan Rigby, Euro Gothic: Classics of Continental Horror Cinema

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“There are some great shots as always from director Carlos Aured, including a beautiful death scene with bright red blood flowing down a bank into a running stream. Add some real sadism and perversity going on and it’s enough to keep any fan happy.” Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies

“For a sleazy derivative Gothic-exploitation movie, it is excellent, never going more than five minutes before offering some exciting event or image. While no single scene draws everything together, many small and medium thrills come along the way. Spooky understated organ an d overcast wintery mountains help build atmosphere.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers


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Fun Facts:

The film was also released in the US on DVD as Mark of the Devil 4: Horror Rises from the Tomb.

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