THE DEAD ONE aka BLOOD OF THE ZOMBIE (1961) Reviews and overview

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‘See the horrors of a voodoo curse!’

The Dead One, also known as Blood of the Zombie, is a 1961 American horror feature film written, directed and co-produced by Barry Mahon (The Beast That Killed Women; The Sex Killer; Fanny Hill Meets Doctor Erotico).

The movie stars John McKay, Linda Ormond, Monica Davis, Clyde Kelly, Darlene Myrick, Lacey Kelly, Paula Maurice.


New Orleans, Louisiana: A young woman’s cousin has recently been married and being the sole surviving male, sets to claim the family’s plantation. Unwilling to give up what she believes to be hers, she uses voodoo to resurrect her dead brother (referred to as “The Dead One“) to kill her enemies…



“For 68 minutes, Blood presents a living, breathing time capsule of New Orleans circa 1961, capped off with an Alice-Cooper-on-valium zombie in a dinner tux. We get extended nightclub jazz performances, even longer burlesque dance routines, nifty over-acting, and colorful locales that you can reach out and hug. Since this is an early Barry Mahon work, the typical “point and shoot from ten feet away” method of anti-kinetic filmmaking is in full effect.” Bleeding Skull!

“Even though there is only one zombie throughout the film, and he doesn’t even do anything particularly interesting or memorable, he still looks kick ass. The zombie in Blood of the Zombie is a precursor of the Romero rotting corpses. He is a voodoo zombie, under the command of a voodoo spell, but he visually looks a lot like the putrefied fleshy zombies of the Romero era, complete with burial tuxedo.” Analog Medium

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“If you’re a mainstream film fan who enjoys Hollywood movies that have competent acting and a story, then this movie gets 0 stars out of 5. You will hate every second of it. If you’re the kind of person who seeks out schlocky old low-budget horror films, then this movie gets 4 out of 5. It’s not the bottom of the barrel (that’s coming next), but it’s pretty bad. The bare-bones production values and the use of real New Orleans entertainers give the movie a certain charm and you’ll love the voodoo ritual.” DVD Talk



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