Le Macabre Coffee House, Soho, London

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Le Macabre was a coffee house on Meard Street in London’s Soho area in the 1960s and 1970s. Coffee houses had been popular places for Britain’s youth to congregate in since the mid-fifties but Le Macabre had the distinction of being the only horror-themed cafe.

Being located just off Wardour Street – home to the Hammer house of horrors – was a bonus too. The coffee house had coffins as tables and bakelite skulls for ashtrays, plus a ghoulish jukebox selection of deathly records. Regulars included legendary local characters such as Iron Foot Jack, who had a genuine iron foot…


George Skeggs, cousin of Hammer’s Roy Skeggs, recalls the 60s Soho scene on this blog. Future Sex Pistol Glen Matlock also visited Le Macabre in the 70s:

“When I started working as the Saturday boy at Let It Rock (in 1973), Malcolm McLaren used to take me around these strange places which played a part in early rock & roll. One time we went to Le Macabre. I don’t know how he knew about it, but it was the real thing. The tables were coffin lids and the jukebox only had songs to do with death.”

Glen Matlock, interview transcript for The Look, 2000 (via Paul Gorman blog).

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8 Comments on “Le Macabre Coffee House, Soho, London”

  1. I went there with my love (and best friend) Christine, in August 1966. Today, I still miss her.

  2. i went to the macabre many times in the mid 60s i was a mod back then frequenting the RnB clubs in soho great times

  3. We were there in early 60’s many times and after that went along to the Marquee Jazz Club to listen to Manfred Mann and Paul Jones the singer with the band.
    It was a great time then.

  4. Fun place – went there many a time during late 60s & 70s. Used to to do a gig with the pianist from The Mandrake Club in Soho – Swiss Cottage I think was the name of the venue ?.. we would sometimes meet up there beforehand.

  5. Went here every week in early 60’s before or after going to the Marque club just up the road.Great memories of Geoff and Alan.

  6. Thought you might like to know that my father has just been telling me that he actually made the the furniture including the Coffin tables for Le Macabre Coffee House

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