THE MUMMY RESURRECTED (2014) Reviews and overview


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‘Evil has awakened’

The Mummy Resurrected is a 2014 American horror feature film directed by Patrick McManus (Dracula: Reborn) from a screenplay by Joanne Spring. The movie stars Stuart Rigby, Lauren Bronleewe and Elizabeth Friedman.

Mummy Resurrected young female archaeologists
A group of archaeologists uncovers a long lost pyramid in the middle of the Egyptian desert. Believing the pyramid to be full of ancient treasures, the group decides to explore. Little do they know that their actions are about to awaken an ancient evil….

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Be prepared for a lead – Brit thesp Stuart Rigby (who also played Dracula a couple of years earlier) – appearing to read his lines rather than act them, a gaggle of young female archaeologists who all happen to be attractive and “like” talk and “like” behave in the dimmest ways possible, lacklustre special effects and no attention to detail (in the closing credits Libyan is incorrectly spelt… three times!).

Alas, a mercifully short running time and better-than-expected mummy make-up are the only plus points in The Mummy Resurrected.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

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Other reviews:

“Well, if you happen to be that type of indiscriminate viewer who overlooks a script only doing the bare minimum to constitute a plot, who forgives poorly conceived visual FX because the animators had limited resources, and who gives the director credit simply for producing a completed film, then maybe you will find The Mummy Resurrected to be tolerable.” Culture Crypt

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“While this movie has an interesting back story and plot, it is lost mostly in shaky camera work and questionable acting at best […] The cinematography by Emmett Callinan, who also took care of the Electrical Department [and co-produced – Ed.] is quite uneven and inconsistent and the musical score by a compilation of people does little to boost this movie’s flagging disregard for the viewers intelligence.” Cryptic Rock

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Main cast:

  • Stuart Rigby
  • Lauren Bronleewe
  • Elizabeth Friedman
  • Bailey Gaddis
  • Iyad Hajjaj
  • Fouad Hajji
  • Mark Naji
  • Pablo Time Nuñez
  • Jessie Paddock
  • Alena Savostikova
  • Sarah Schreiber