Wax – Spain, 2014 – overview

Wax 2014 spanish horror poster

Wax is a 2014 Spanish horror feature film co-written and directed by Víctor Matellano. The movie stars Jack Taylor (Count Dracula; Female Vampire; Horror of the Zombies), Geraldine Chaplin, Jimmy Shaw, Lone Fleming (Tombs of the Blind Dead; A Candle for the Devil; The Possessed) and the voice of the late horror icon Paul Naschy (as an automaton).

A young journalist is employed to spend a night at Barcelona’s Wax Museum, where paranormal activities are supposed to be taking place. He must record everything happening there.

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In the museum, there are different wax figures including one of Doctor Knox, a sadist cannibal surgeon who loves dressing up as Vincent Price in House of Wax. Soon, the journalist begins to feel he is not alone…

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Wax Jack Taylor hearse

Geraldine Chaplin in Wax 2014

Wax 2014 Spanish horror


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