Wallestein the Monster – Italian horror comic

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Wallestein il mostro – English: “Wallestein the Monster” – is an Italian fumetti comic character who appeared in five series of comics published by Edifumetto from 1972.

For the first series, Edifumetto published nine issues; for the second series, nineteen issues in 1973; for the third series, fifteen issues in 1974; for the fourth series, eighty issues from 1975 to 1980; the fifth series (“Nuova Serie”) started in 1981.

 Between 1977 and 1980 the comic was also published in France by Elvifrance.

Wallestein is an horrible monster whom, having avenged the murder of the Count of Wallestein, adopts the Count’s identity by donning a rubber mask.

Image credits: Comic Vine | And Everything Else Too

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6 Comments on “Wallestein the Monster – Italian horror comic”

      1. The following day I did a quick check on ebay and managed to uncover, and buy THE ASSASSIN KILLS FOUR TIMES, published by Top Sellers Ltd. From an ad on the back page it looks like they published a few other smutty fumetti but this looks like the only Wallestein..? I would post a photo of it but my mate has nicked my camera.

      2. Indeed there were at least a few English editions of Wallestein as well as an English version of Zora la Vampira. Only one English issue of Zora was printed. With the increasing worldwide familiarity with these Italian comics there might still be a future for an English re-issue. They’ve been published in many languages and countries over the decades.

    1. I HAVE 2 ENGLISH VERSIONS, ‘THE ASSASSIN STRIKES FOUR TIMES’ AND ‘LOVER OF THE DEAD VIRGIN’ in English and sold in the early 70’s for 25p.

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