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‘Darkness shall rise’

Let Us Prey is a 2014 British-Irish horror feature film directed by Brian O’Malley from a screenplay written by Fiona Watson and David Cairns. The movie stars Liam Cunningham, Pollyanna McIntosh (Blood Lands; The Woman) and Bryan Larkin.

The synth soundtrack score was composed by Steve Lynch.

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Rachel, a rookie cop, is about to begin her first night shift in a neglected police station in a Scottish backwater town. The kind of place where the tide has gone out and stranded a motley bunch of the aimless, the forgotten, the bitter-and-twisted who all think that, really, they deserve to be somewhere else.

They all think they are there by accident and that, with a little luck, life is going to get better. Wrong, on both counts. Six is about to arrive – and All Hell Will Break Loose!

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“Credit must go to cinematographer Piers McGrail whose sumptuous visuals add to the tension and creeping sense of dread and bring to mind French slasher flick Switchblade Romance. There’s plenty gore to keep horror fiends satisfied, yet enough intrigue and chuckles to appeal to a wider audience too.” Eye For Film

” …director Brian O’Malley gets things off to a good start with a taut narrative and particularly a moody and precise mise-en-scene that remains effective until the very end. Alas, the film is let down by a concept that feels underdeveloped and motivations that seem little more than convenient machinations to set standard shocks and thrills into motion.” Screen Anarchy

“O’Malley has marked himself as a talent to watch. Striking a perfect balance of suspense, violence, humour, story and action, Let Us Prey feels at once classic and modern; horror the way it was always supposed to have been made. You will not be disappointed.” Starburst

let us

“Sadly Let Us Prey was a real let down, it was disjointed, the script lacked any direction and the story grew more laughable and predictable as the film progressed. I adore religion in my horror but this was just not for me at all. Liam Cunningham broods, Pollyanna McIntosh kicks ass and I sat tapping my feet waiting for the end credits.” UK Horror Scene

Let Us Prey is a film well worth seeking out. This is an action thriller with a smattering of horror that will appeal to most audiences and while the final scenes may not satisfy everyone, what’s gone before will forgive this possibly minor miss-step.” The Horror Asylum

“O’Malley clearly has an eye and a visual flair that should serve him well in future projects better suited to his directorial style. The issue is the honker of a script that has characters spout expository and pseudo-religious nonsense, with attempts at one-liners that hit the ears as comfortably as a someone banging pots and pans right next to you.” Thoughts on Film


“A few gory scenes might shock some viewers. But, violence and chaos are pointless, if there is no underlining, purposeful reason for it. As well, all of the characters are amoral and difficult to empathize with. They all get their just desserts.” 28 Days Later Analysis

” …presents a lot for horror fans to love: an interesting idea, held on the shoulders of some very strong performances and expertly maintained atmosphere and tension, with enough violence and gore to keep things interesting without being excessive.” PopOptiq


Cast and characters:

  • Liam Cunningham as Six
  • Pollyanna McIntosh as PC Rachel Heggie
  • Bryan Larkin as PC Jack Warnock
  • Hanna Stanbridge as PC Jennifer Mundie
  • Douglas Russell as Sgt. Jim MacReady
  • Niall Greig Fulton as Doctor Duncan Hume
  • Jonathan Watson as Ralph Beswick
  • Brian Vernel as Caesar Sargison
  • James McCreadie as Mulvey
  • Sophie Stephanie Farmer as young Rachel

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