DRACULA: THE IMPALER (2013) Reviews and overview



Dracula: The Impaler is a 2013 American supernatural horror film directed by Derek Hockenbraugh from a screenplay co-written with producers Diana Busuioc, Steve Snyder and Daniel Anghelcev. Also known as The Impaler

The movie stars Diana Busuioc, Teo Celigo, Christian Gehring, Christina Collard, Marcienne Dwyer, Katelynn Derengowski, Rocco Nugent, Mark Jacobson, Mindy Robinson, Gregory Lee Canyon and Vera Nova.


Seven friends travel to Transylvania in Romania, to visit the actual castle of Vlad the Impaler where he supposedly sold his soul to the devil over 500 years earlier, but the decrepit castle’s past envelopes them in a bloody ritual…


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” … the violence is weakly handled, the pacing slack, and the atmosphere/suspense pretty much nil. What starts at and stays on the lower echelon of B-movie horror mediocrity for quite some time finally clicks into gear — though it turns out that gear is the one that drives the pic straight off the cliff of unintentional camp hilarity.” Variety


“The plot becomes so convoluted with reconstructed historical and spiritual mythology it gets difficult to tell whether the principal fault lies with Busuioc’s nonsensical script or director Derek Hockenbrough’s apparent inability to adequately light a scene or maintain a sense of continuity.” The Hollywood Reporter



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