100 Tears – USA, 2007



‘Everyone loathes a clown.’

100 Tears is a 2007 American comedy slasher horror feature film directed by Marcus Koch (Rot). The movie stars Georgia Chris, Joe Davison (who also produced the film), Jack Amos, and Raine Brown.


After being accused of carnal crimes he did not commit, a lonely circus clown known onstage as Gurdy (Jack Amos) exacts his revenge on those who unjustly condemned him. The act sparks something inside of him which he cannot stop and now, years later, his inner-demons have truly surfaced.

Part urban legend, part tabloid sensationalism… he is now an unstoppable murderous juggernaut, fuelled only by hate.


And worse, when two tabloid reporters (Georgia Chris and Joe Davison) attempt to hunt him down, they find themselves trapped in his warehouse, hunted by him and his conniving daughter (Raine Brown), who already has a deceptive plan up her sleeve. It’s a gory, horrifying fight for their lives with no telling who will emerge alive…


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Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The great thing about the movie is that it wastes no time in killing off a whole bunch of people, with our killer clown offing the entire population of a halfway house in the first ten minutes. And this isn’t some off-screen massacre – we see every one of the kills in their splatter-y glory, with numerous beheadings and eviscerations to applaud. It’s a perfect way to start off this sort of movie…” Horror Movie a Day

“Some of the individuals whom have written reviews about 100 Tears just simply shouldn’t be watching films like this. There is a very specific audience meant to watch ridiculous films like this one. If you like films like Killjoy, Gingerdead Man, Rabid Grannies etc., you should be able to enjoy this film.” The Horror Asylum

“Yes, it’s way over the top gory (which is how I like my horror flicks) with victims getting beheaded, strangled with their own insistence and limbs cut off at every turn. In the first ten minutes alone, eight people get killed in bloody and gruesome ways but the F/Xs are done so badly and that it takes all the fun out of it.” Sfipress

“I got an hour into the film before I turned it off, so I really think I gave it a fair chance. It is not often that I use the word hate, but I can’t think of any other way to describe how I feel about this movie. 100 Tears is an abominable and unwatchable film.” Doom Generation

100 Tears worked because it really had a nice balance of blood-splattering gore and quick one-liners delivered with witty humor … The throbbing techno/industrial soundtrack really added some intensity to the scenes involving Gurdy the Clown as he hacked and chopped his victims with his over-sized meat cleaver in bloody fashion.” Horror Society

“If you are a “splatterpunk” who misses the gore and carnage of yesteryear, this film is certainly for you. If you are looking for great plot and scares, this certainly won’t be for you. I was very entertained and shocked at how good the FX were for such a small budgeted film.”  Legless Corpse



Cast and characters:

  • Jack Amos as Gurdy the Clown
  • Georgia Chris as Jennifer Stevenson
  • Joe Davison as Mark Web
  • Raine Brown as Christine Greaston
  • Kibwe Dorsey as Detective Spaulding
  • Rod Grant as Detective Dunkin
  • Norberto Santiago as Drago Villette
  • Jerry Allen as Ed Purdy
  • Jeff Dylan Graham as Jack Arlo
  • Krystal Badia as Jill Bryner
  • Leslie Ann Crytzer as Tracy Greaston
  • Jori Davison as Roxanna
  • Brad Rhodes as Ralphio the Strongman
  • Regina Ramirez as Bookstore Patron
  • Clayton Smith as Young Gurdy


100 Tears was distributed by Anthum Pictures with an NC-17 rating.

An extended director’s cut was released on DVD by Unearthed Films on 22 July 2014.

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