CROCODILE EVIL (1986) Reviews and overview


Crocodile Evil - Lung taam daai Ngok - 1986001

Crocodile Evil is a 1986 Hong Kong horror fantasy feature film directed by actor Hon Gwok Choi. It stars Lau Chi-Wing, Kwan Hoi San and Siu Yuk-Lung.

Cha Dick violated the doctrine of his denomination and was punished by his master with the evil spirit of the crocodile. Cha Dick killed his master when he failed to snatch a jade bracelet from him, which could relieve the crocodile evil.

Wo Tin travels from Hong Kong to Thailand for business, having been invited by his brother. A young Thai woman, Lala, accompanies him and they pick up a wounded young woman before being embroiled in crocodile evil…

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‘Anyway, since this film is in Chinese sans subtitles, we’re only guessing here… Family Curse. A crocodile stunt show run by a nefarious Shaman. Lots of possessed sex. Lots more croc killing… a plot to breed possessed humans and crocs… hey, you got us […] we had a blast watching it though…’ Cosmic Hex