The Watcher Self – UK, 2015


‘What will remain?’

The Watcher Self is a 2015 British psychological thriller film written, produced and directed by Matt Cruse – shot on DSLR – about one woman’s descent into hell.

Cora (Karen French) begins her day facing the consequences of a nightmare. Struggling to maintain a normal routine, she engages in a series of emotionally detached encounters and experiences a confusing psychological connection with the strange and elusive Van (Julian Shaw). Then echoes from the past threaten to derail her tenuous state of mind, and Cora becomes increasingly dislocated from her surroundings. Is she going insane, or is it something else?


Cast and characters:

  • Karen French … Cora
  • Julian Shaw … Van
  • Sylvia Seymour … Wanda
  • Lucy Charles … Kelly
  • Tony Stansfield … Pitman
  • Helen Barford … Rose

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