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Beast of the Bering Sea – aka – Bering Sea Beast – is a 2013 American horror feature film directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy from a screenplay by Brook Durham (Mammoth; Red: Werewolf Hunter; Tasmanian Devils). It stars Cassie Scerbo (Sharknado), Brandon Beemer, Jonathan Lipnicki and Jaqueline Fleming (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).


In the UK, the film was released on DVD as Damn Sea Vampires! 

beast of the bering sea_beast


While dredging for gold beneath the Bering Sea, siblings Donna (Scerbo) and Joe (Lipnicki) are confronted by a horde of horrific sea vampires. When their father falls victim to the insatiable creatures, Donna and Joe join forces with a dedicated marine biologist ( Fleming) and a loyal deckhand (Beemer) to kill or be killed by the beasts…


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“A mediocre effort that still manages to be quite endearing, Bering Sea Beast is a passable piece of throwaway entertainment that really should have been accompanied by a soft toy line.” Eye For Film

“There are no surprises, the FX are really poor, and there is no consistency afforded to the characters (Joe is particularly badly written – a prankster one minute, the audience’s moral guide the next). But the dialogue is so ripe, the finely chiselled cast so game, and the violent set-piece scenes so unabashedly cheesy, that Damn Sea Vampires! will almost certainly leave you in a good mood.” Sex Gore Mutants


“Fact of the matter is, in 2014 you’re unlikely to convert any new fans to these relentlessly produced low-budget creature features, and similarly the mere sound of the title will elicit a moan of disdain from the haters. If however, you are part of that committed army of B-movie cheese aficionados, then this piece of trash will excite and delight in equal measure.” Scream

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