Cannibal Fog – Sweden, 2015

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‘First bite gives you focus, third bite gives you pleasure, fifth bite – Cannibal Fog.’

Cannibal Fog is a 2015 Swedish comedy horror film directed by Jonas Wolcher and starring Malte Aronsson, Linus Karlgren, Kim Sonderholm and Vargman Bjarsborn.



Michael (Karlgren) wastes his days away watching adult movies. A chance encounter with tainted food at a local cafe sets him off on a search for an addictive new taste.

Meanwhile, middle-aged man Albin (Aronsson) who lives in the same city as Michael is a clandestine cannibal serial killer who serves his refined meat dishes up for food connoisseurs. Inevitably the paths of Michael and Albin intertwine…

cannibal fog

Cannibal Fog was completed on a budget of only €1,000. Large parts of the film were recorded in Malte’s private home, in March through May 2014. Scenes were also filmed on location in Mindanao, Philippines: Camiguin Island, Balingasag and Carmen.


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Cannibal Fog is a finely mixed, jangling masterpiece of humanity masquerading as merry mayhem. Everything from the mise-en-scène through to the camera motion underpins its metaphors and while it has extremely strange cinematic flavours, there’s definitely room for more.’ Starburst

‘ …there is a nice blend of humor and levity to break up the seriousness which at times impede the progress, and if you’re willing to overlook the sometimes atrocious acting and scenarios, then you can enjoy the display that Wolcher has laid out in front of you. His double-duty of directing and writing shows his versatility, and while this movie certainly won’t set off any “wow-factor” alarms, it will please the inner savage.” Dread Central


“If you’re after mild art house and a strange time then Cannibal Fog might be right up your alley, for me though I just could not get into it until far too late when it had all but wrapped up.” The Rotting Zombie

can fog



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