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‘Animal desires… Human lust. Test Tube terrors… Half beast… all monster.’

Twilight People – aka The Twilight People – is a 1972 Filipino/American action horror feature film directed by Eddie Romero (Beast of the Yellow Night; Beast of Blood; Brides of Blood). The movie stars John Ashley and in an early film appearance, Pam Grier (Bones; The Vindicator; Scream Blacula Scream).

The film was originally made for New World Pictures, then run by Roger Corman and Lawrence Woolner. Corman, Wollner and actor/producer Ashley came up the idea of making a modern-day version of The Island of Doctor Moreau combined with The Most Dangerous Game. When Corman and Woolner decided to dissolve their partnership, Woolner took Twilight People to his new company, Dimension Pictures. The film’s budget was reportedly $150,000.


While diving, Matt Farrell (John Ashley) is kidnapped by Neva Gordon (Pat Woodell) and Steinman (Jan Merlin) and taken to an island where Neva’s father Doctor Gordon (Charles Macaulay) is experimenting, trying to make a “Super Race” by combining humans and animals.

The mad doctor’s creations are Ayesa the panther-woman (Pam Grier), Kuzma the antelope-man (Ken Metcalfe), Darmo the bat-man (Tony Gonsalvez), Primo the ape-man (Kim Ramos), Lupa the wolf-woman (Mona Morena) and Doro the boar-man (who is shot down by Steinman while trying to flee early in the film).

Doctor Gordon wants Farrell to be one of his upcoming experiments but Neva begins to doubt her father’s work after a botched experiment on another test subject, Juan Pereira (Eddie Garcia). She decides to help Farrell and the animal people escape…

Twilight People was released on Blu-ray + DVD by VCI on January 23, 2018.


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“Fans of ‘C’ movies and drive in drivel will get plenty to chew on here. The first half is relatively slow, but about 40 minutes in the hilarity and poverty row production values kick in showcasing some goofy charm for those who can appreciate this sort of thing. Schlock lovers need only apply.” Cool Ass Cinema

“Darmo the bat is crappy enough to be worth the price of admission all by himself, and he probably gets more screen-time than any of the other Twilight People, even though he’s only rarely the focus of a scene. You have to admire the nerve of a filmmaker who isn’t ashamed to glue cut-up plastic garbage bags to a guy’s arms, and call him a bat-man.” 1000 Misspent Hours


“Any potential this flick had goes out the window pretty fast thanks largely to the film’s languid pacing. Sure, those Blood Island movies weren’t the finest examples of low budget made-in-the-Philippines horror, but at least they had their moments.  This one is the pits.” The Video Vacuum


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“The makeup for the goat-man (he kicks) and the bat-man (he can fly) etc. is uninspired and unconvincing. My favourite was the briefly glimpsed man with a boar’s head! Pam Grier hits a new career low as the panther-woman.” Clive Davies, Spinegrinder: The Movies Most Critics Won’t Write About


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Choice dialogue:

“You must really have a case of hot pants for this guy.”

Cast and characters:

  • John Ashley … Matt Farrell
  • Pat Woodell … Neva Gordon
  • Jan Merlin … Steinman
  • Charles Macaulay … Doctor Gordon
  • Pam Grier … Ayesa the Panther Woman
  • Ken Metcalf … Kuzma the Antelope Man
  • Tony Gosalvez … Darmo the Bat Man
  • Kim Ramos … Primo the Ape Man
  • Mona Morena … Lupa the Wolf Woman
  • Eddie Garcia … Juan Pereira
  • Angel Buenaventura … Angel

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