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Kiss Me Quick! is a 1964 American science fiction comedy horror feature film directed by Peter Perry (as Seymour Tuchus) and produced by Harry Novak. It was originally titled Doctor Breedlove as a pun on Stanley Kubrick’s Doctor Strangelove but was retitled to tie-in with Billy Wilder’s hit Kiss Me, Stupid.

The highlight of the movie involves a dance number in which three of Breedlove’s captive women gyrate to garage rock.

Hungarian-born cinematographer László Kovács worked on The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies the same year before he got union status. Kovács eventually shot such notable productions as Easy Rider, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, New York, New York and Ghostbusters.


Sterilox, an alien from the “Buttless” galaxy being sent to Earth in order to find the perfect woman who will be used to create a race of servants. Sterilox (who sounds like Stan Laurel) is teleported into the lab of a mad scientist by the name of Dr Breedlove, who offers Sterilox a number of beautiful women to choose from. He’s also introduced to Frankie Stein, Dracula and a strange Mummy…


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” …the movie has a novel blend of monsters and mammaries unmatched by even its closest relative, House on Bare Mountain. The movie still looks pretty good, thanks to Kovacs’ slumming camerawork and a general level of professional competency. Producer Harry Novak had worked with RKO in its glory days, and Breedlove/co-director Max Gardens owned and ran several burlesque houses. These men knew the ins and outs of entertainment.” The Bad Movie Report

“The girls shimmy, jiggle it (more than a little bit), and spend a lot of time stripping off black lingerie. I’m quite certain that the director had a thing for black intimate apparel, especially garters and stockings. Some of the girls are attractive, but one woman, part of a trio, completely freaked me out.” Bad Movies

” …quite possibly the best nudie film ever made […] Kiss Me Quick! features a plethora of nudie beauties and some of the worst jokes you’ve ever heard (but I still laughed).” DVD Drive-In

“The mad scientist lab looks good, and when one girl uses the “sex machine” it looks like all the electrical gizmos are excited. Breedlove talks like Bela Lugosi, and his talking blue skull sounds like Peter Lorre. Everything is played for laughs, as it is typical in the genre, with various girls stripping while Sterilox and Breedlove make jokes and speak with double entendres.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers


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” …while the overall acting is from the “borrow someone else’s shtick” school of mimicry (Doctor Breedlove sounds like a thick-tongued Bela Lugosi), you can tell the cast is having a wonderful time. This is a non-politically correct monster mash celebration of women as full-blown sexual objects, a jeer at the tameness of the times and a leering look and lampooning of lust.” DVD Verdict

“It’s filled with repetitive scenes of women undressing or lolling around in states of undress, and it also features bad jokes and double entendres. The odd thing is that the bad jokes and double entendres are actually pretty good this time around, and the movie is stuffed so full of them that it manages to hold the interest.” Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings

Is Kiss Me Quick! loaded with misogyny or just naiveté? As a product of its time — one in which onscreen nudity still was from-the-dryer fresh — the latter could be argued. Today, the nudie-cutie genre is more likely to bore than titillate, to register as celebratory vs. predatory. This one is among the most enjoyable; even with its castle wall-to-wall toplessness, it exudes an all-American innocence, not to mention a generous spritz of Aqua Net.” Flick Attack

“In addition to Laszlo Kovacs’ fine cinematography, much of the credit for the movie’s success, of course, belongs in front of the camera. The comedy with the alien Sterilox (Frank Coe, doing a passable Stan Laurel imitation) and the demented Doctor Breedlove (Max Gardens doing Bela Lugosi mixed with Doctor Strangelove) strives to be so-bad-that-it’s-funny, but the comedy only exists to provide a few moments of calm between the bumping and grinding.” Image Journal


“The script for Kiss Me Quick must have looked more like a pamphlet, because the film is primarily devoted to various bump-and-grind sequences (“Dance! Dance, my little sex bombs!”), sometimes to soft piano music and sometimes to wild garage rock credited to a band called The Gallstones. My patience for nudie-cuties is pretty short, but Kiss Me Quick held my attention, thanks to Kovacs’ colorful photography and inventive angles and the thick layer of jokes (groaners they may be)…” Johnny LaRue’s Crane Shot

Quick (as does House) features females in their purest form, no ugly tattoos, piercings, freakish implants or the hideous scars and misshapen boobitude that often comes with the bolt-on breasts.  No coke hoze among these Jos. In addition, the “mad doctor” bares a striking resemblance to Richard Hell—and, thankfully, nothing else…” Manor on Movies

“What this film does offer unlike others is that the director has a lot of energy in the film with the camera constantly moving and various other things coming in and out of the story. You’ve got a lot of naked women but a mummy, Frankenstein’s monster and even Dracula show up for some silly stuff.” Michael Elliott

” …Harry Novak’s horror hi-jinx were instrumental in paving the way for greater cinematic openness. In essence, he moved nudity out of the camp and into the realm of ordinary comedy. As entertaining as Kiss Me Quick remains, its industry significance cannot be understated. Indeed, it was monsters that helped make nakedness a non-issue for the grindhouse gang.” Pop Matters

” …it’s all about the surf music, pasties, the go-go dancing and the groan-worthy Vaudeville zingers in this shoestring Harry Novak production […] Kiss Me Quick is an interesting curio from the exploitation era.” Really Awful Movies

” …director Peter Perry Jr, a veteran of this sort of thing, was patently a fan and judging by the Famous Monsters of Filmland (only bluer) level of the jokes he had thought quite a bit about how best to approach Kiss Me Quick; the results were plain to see which was why it was regarded as one of the best of its kind by the aficionados.” The Spinning Image

Choice dialogue:

Skull: “Gee whizz? Bring back the broads.”

Doctor Breedlove: “I show you Lady Godiva and you ask me does the horseplay the piano. Who cares?”

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Cast and characters:

Frank A. Coe – Sterilox/Frankenstein Monster
Max Gardens – Doctor Breedlove
Althea Currier – Gertie Tassle
Natasha – Boobra
Jackie De Witt – Kissme
Claudia Banks – Hotty Totty
Bibi – Barebra
Donna – Gigi String
Pat Hall – Gina Catchafanni
Lucky – Lotta Cash


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