Night Gallery – television series, USA, 1970 – 1973


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” …the weak final season aside, Night Gallery really deserves a better reputation than it has. Of course, it was following in some pretty impressive footsteps, but the best of this show is certainly equal to the best of The Twilight Zone.  Often butchered for US TV syndication and barely seen at all in the UK, the uncut episodes actually reveal a series that has aged rather well. Fans of Serling’s work, 1970s horror and cult TV will find much to enjoy in this much underrated series.” David Flint, MOVIES & MANIA


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2 Comments on “Night Gallery – television series, USA, 1970 – 1973”

  1. I’ll give you Messiah of Mott Street (mostly thanks to Edward G., and the rest of the casting for that matter), but man oh man… the distractingly mismatched, heavy-handed soundtracks alone are enough to de-horrify even some of the most promising episodes down to a C-level. And the problems go much deeper than that, as mentioned here in Mondozilla’s very informative and rather forgiving write-up. Hey, I wanted to love the show, and I have a soft spot for it too, for sure, but c’mon now…

  2. A truly excellent series that may have been the scariest thing ever to appear on American TV. Vitally important to the HP Lovecraft renaissance and also the generally occult/supernatural vibe that dominated fantastic entertainment in the 1970s (at least until Star Wars showed up). They’re Tearing Down Tim Reilly’s Bar and Messiah of Mott Street are two of the finest things Serling ever wrote.

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