WENDIGO (1988) Reviews and overview


‘Hell has frozen over!!’

Wendigo is a 1988 American supernatural comedy horror feature film written and directed by Tom Chaney – cinematographer on Mosquito and Legion of the Night aka Dead City (both 1995).

The movie stars Ron Asheton (guitarist with The Stooges, also in The Carrier; Hellmaster and Mosquito), Lori Baker, Devlin Burton, John Bussard, Patrick Butler and Alan Madlane.

Ron Asheton is scared!

The film was released on VHS by Troma Entertainment in 1996 with a cover retitle of Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo. Owing a large debt to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films with its mix of horror and comedy, the film features a torn Evil Dead II poster in much the same way The Evil Dead features a torn The Hills Have Eyes poster. It features stop-motion effects.

Two friends go hunting on Manitou Island in Northern Michigan. While wandering the woods, they accidentally break a sacred circle, releasing a terrible monster: the Wendigo.

The Wendigo goes on a terrible killing spree, leaving a gun-toting hero and his female love-interest to destroy the monster…


“This movie is insane, and nothing I type here will do that insanity justice. Let’s start with the old man character, who is actually just some guy in an old man mask for no other reason than I guess there were no seniors willing to work in this mess? There’s killer monster puppets birthed from chili who attack while a theme song about chili plays on the soundtrack.” Digital Confederacy

Frostbiter is a blatant Evil Dead knockoff rescued only by funny and impressive zero budget special effects; particularly the stop motion animated chili creatures. Mike “McBeardo” McFadden, Heavy Metal Movies

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” … it hardly even shows any technical finesse let alone creative promise. But as said before, such a lack of anything resembling filmic capabilities can result in an entertaining film, something that Frostbiter sometimes even approaches being … It seriously ruins what might have been a good – or at least decently passable – bad-film experience.” A Wasted Life