In Search of Dracula – Sweden/France/USA, 1975


‘Believe the Unbelievable!’

In Search of Dracula – original title Vem Var Dracula? – is a 1971 Swedish documentary film produced and directed by Calvin Floyd (The Sleep of Death; Terror of Frankenstein) based on a script by Yvonne Floyd. The film predates a best-selling 1972 book of the same name by Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu. A longer 81 minute version was released to cinemas on 16 June 1975. 


The film is narrated by Tor Isedal and Christopher Lee who appears as himself, historical Wallachian ruler Vlad Tepes and Count Dracula.


In the US, the film was released in 1975 by Sam Sherman’s Independent-International company (Blood of Ghastly Horror; Horror of the Blood Monsters; Brain of Blood; Raiders of the Living Dead).

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