The Forest – USA, 1981 – reviews


‘If you go into the woods today you might not get out alive!’

The Forest aka Terror in the Forest is a 1981 (released 1982) American supernatural-slasher horror feature film directed, written, edited and produced by Donald M. Jones [as Don Jones] (AbductedThe Love Butcher; Molly and the Ghost). Jones has cameo roles as a forest ranger and Officer Ed Geza.

The movie stars Gary Kent, Tomi Barrett, John Batis, Ann Wilkinson, Jeanette Kelly, Corky Pigeon, Becki Burke, Tony Gee.


Two American hikers, Steve (Dean Russell) and Charlie (John Batis), venture into the local forest along with their girlfriends, Sharon (Tomi Barrett) and Teddi (Ann Wilkinson). However, John (Gary Kent), a cannibalistic woodsman, is lurking in the forest…


Reviews [click links to read more]:

The Forest is definitely lower tier trash, even by the often times very low standards of the slasher and it really doesn’t have a whole lot going for it aside from a few moments of unintentional humor.” DVD Talk

“Jones’ entry is not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination and offers zilch in terms of suspense, scares or tension … Nothing can be taken away from an admittedly very unique story, a soundtrack that is totally loco and a knife clenching cannibal in a baseball cap.” A Slash Above…

“…an incoherent mess of a flick. There is almost no redeeming value to the film, as the acting is terrible, the music is generic, and the direction is mediocre.” Oh, the Horror!

” … an underrated slasher tale that’s enlivened by a sudden leap into the supernatural; just the ticket for fans who think they have seen all the “slice-and’dice” format has to offer.” Stephen Thrower, Nightmare USA

Nightmare USA Stephen Thrower FAB Press

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Cast and characters:

Dean Russell as Steve
Gary Kent as John
Tomi Barrett as Sharon
John Batis as Charlie
Ann Wilkinson as Teddi
Jeanette Kelly as Mother
Corky Pigeon as John Jr.
Becki Burke as Jennifer
Tony Gee as Plumber
Stafford Morgan as Man
Marilyn Anderson as Woman
Jean Clark as Mechanic
Donald M. Jones as Forest Ranger

Filming locations:

Sequoia National Park, California


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 23.18.54

Offline reading:

Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower has a whole chapter, ‘Let’s Play Nasty’, dedicated to Don Jones’ exploitation filmmaking career.


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