TRACE aka STRAIGHT FROM HELL (2015) Reviews and overview



‘Believe what you hear. Fear what you believe.’

Trace is a 2015 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Ryan Brookhart (who previously supplied key art for Killjoy Goes to Hell; Puppet Master X: Axis RisingKiller Eye: Halloween Haunt). It stars Jerod Meagher, Jeremiah Benjamin and Mike Capozzi.

A group of friends experimenting with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) inadvertently unleash a powerful demon…

In the UK, 101 Films released the film as Straight from Hell on 6 November 2017.

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“The film is a bit of an underdog, but it should not be. The film really stands on its own. From a high production value, to thedevelopment of the plot, Trace will draw many viewers into its mostly unique story. Most of the characters are well drawn.” 28 Days Later Analysis

“This is much more of a psychological horror than anything else. The deaths are tame and the scares are few and far between […] Those who enjoy their horror more on the creepy side might want to give this a shot – once the demon makes an appearance, the movie picks up the pace.” Horror Talk

Trace is a very effective little horror flick that really understands how to play with audience expectations and succeeds to surprise the viewer even if the plotline is laid out in front of them. Much of this is thanks to the characters being not just of the cookie-cutter variety, and the comparative vagueness of the threat that only becomes more tangible the longer the film goes.” Search My Trash

Main cast:

  • Jerod Meagher
  • Jeremiah Benjamin
  • Mike Capozzi
  • Nick Fink
  • Patrick Giraudi
  • Samantha Lee
  • Maddie McGuire
  • Herion Mustafaraj
  • Jesse Pepe
  • August Roads
  • Sam Valentine – The IncarnationFollowedThanXgiving