HANSEL VS GRETEL (2015) Reviews and overview



‘Blood runs thick’

Hansel vs Gretel – aka Hansel v Gretel – is a 2015 supernatural American horror film directed by former cinematographer Ben Demaree (12/12/12; Sharknado and sequels; The Ones Above) from a screenplay by Jose Prendes (The Monster Man; Corpses are Forever; The Haunting of Whaley House).

The Asylum production stars Brent Lydic (Headless Horseman; Flu Bird Horror; Hansel & Gretel), Lili Baross and Aqueela Zoll ( Killjoy Goes to Hell; Wrong Turn VI; Diary of a Psychopath).


When Gretel falls under a dark spell and organises a coven of witches, Hansel must find the courage to fight his twin sister and the sinister forces controlling her…


“The film reminded me a lot of an episode of Charmed but with more gore. The special effects are just as bad as Charmed but I could sense the same vibe between both even though in this film the witches are the evil bitches! The humour for me is what made the film watchable…” Horror News


Hansel Vs. Gretel may not be a brilliant film but it’s certainly an entertaining one. The gore is great and the action is handled well. Interestingly, It was written by Jose Prendes, the same person who penned the enjoyable Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark.” Influx Magazine


Cast and characters:

Brent Lydic … Hansel
Lili Baross Lili Baross … Gretel
Aqueela Zoll Aqueela Zoll … Willy
Jhey Castles Jhey Castles … Cthonia
Riley Murphy Riley Murphy … Jacob
Adinett Nsabimana Adinett Nsabimana … Morai
Nanrisa Lee Nanrisa Lee … Kikimora
Barbara Scolaro Barbara Scolaro … Lilith
Elisha Kriis Elisha Kriis … Circa
Carol Stanzione Carol Stanzione … Bag Lady
Christopher Callen Christopher Callen … Grandmother
Fawn Stone Fawn Stone … Deputy Castiniera
Kevin Yarbrough Kevin Yarbrough … Sheriff Lopez
Maria Olsen Maria Olsen … Crone
Jennifer Elizabeth Jennifer Elizabeth … Bunny

Los Angeles, California


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