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‘There’s something deadly in the air’

Demon Wind is a 1989 [released 1990] American horror feature film written and directed by Charles Philip Moore (Twisted Nightmare; Dance with Death; Not of This Earth [1995]). The movie stars Eric Larson (Uninvited), Francine Lapensée and Rufus Norris.

Demon Wind was released as a Blu-ray + DVD combo by Vinegar Syndrome in a brand new 2K restoration from the 35mm camera negative on October 24, 2017. This version is also available on Amazon Prime in the US and UK.

Newly scanned and restored in 2K from the 35mm original camera negative
Video interview with Sandy Horowitz (executive producer)
Video interview with Sherry Bendorf Leigh (actress)
Video interview with Thomas L. Callaway (cinematographer)
Original theatrical trailer
Reversible cover artwork
English SDH subtitles


1931: A body is being burnt on a cross, a woman named Regina is at a farm, and attempting to barricade a door, from where beyond, demons try to enter. Her husband George transforms into a demon and kills her…

demon wind 5

Sixty years later, after the suicide of his father, a young man named Cory, the grandson of Regina and George, and his girlfriend Elaine, along with a group of their friends, travel up to the farm, where the events took place sixty years before, so that Cory can figure out what happened to his grandparents. They are soon attacked by a band of vicious demons…


“Monster and gore fans will enjoy this variation on Night of the Living Dead with demonic overtones […] The setting is a farmhouse (sound familiar?) in which young people amass to fight off legions of walking dead, a cloven-footed, horned demon and gooey-faced freaks. Writer-director Charles Philip Moore fills it with dream sequences and other tricks-within-tricks that undercut the horror, but he still manages a fast pace, horrendous makeup and a few surprises.” John Stanley, Creature Features

“Though existential smatterings are not in this demon’s wind, so we’re left with a middle-of-the-road outing never terribly amusing and not concerned with atmospheric mind games. Shame really, a little more push, either way, could have made Demon Wind a minor chestnut gem instead of a crap timewaster.'” Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

“It’s overwhelmed with exposition (some of it courtesy of a found diary) about its children-sacrificing Satan worshipper, and too many characters are introduced late in the day, but it is atmospheric and well crafted. The kiss-off lines, yellow-blooded, Evil Dead-esque talkative demons and possessed wall ornaments are diverting and it generates enough goodwill to allow forgiveness for its excess of fake endings during the protracted climax.” Steven West, Horrorscreams Videovault

“If you loved the Evil Dead movies, you might sit through this movie filled with flashbacks, dreams, and altered reality problems […] The females (including X star Tiffany Million) have no character, but they know how to appear topless. A tongue from a cow skull kills one girl, wet, lumpy-faced demons with echo voices show up, and various cast members become Night of the Living Dead-type zombies and attack the house.” Michael J. Weldon, The Psychotronic Video Guide


Demon Wind shouldn’t be marked down for plot. Or imagery. Or acting. Or anything for the matter. Accept it for who it tries to be. A fun piece of fromage that won’t be any more or less affected by the number of people in the room watching it.” Oh, the Horror!



Cast and characters:

  • Eric Larson – Cory – Uninvited
  • Francine Lapensée – Elaine
  • Rufus Nirris – Harcourt
  • Jack Forcinito – Stacey (credited as Jack Vogel)
  • Stephen Quadros – Chuck
  • Mark David Fritsche – Jack
  • Sherry Leigh – Bonnie (credited as Sherry Bendorf)
  • Bobby Johnston – Dell
  • Lynn Clark – Terri
  • Richard Gabai – Willy
  • Mia M. Ruiz – Reena
  • Kym Santelle – Harriet
  • Stella Kastner – Grandmother Regina
  • Axel Toowey – George
  • Jake Jacobson – Cory’s Father
  • C.D.J. Koko – Grand Demon (credited as D. Koko)
  • Jeffrey Urbach – Demon
  • Elizabeth Ince – Grandmother Regina (uncredited)
  • Joyce Lasley – Demon (uncredited)
    Sandra Margot – Beautiful Demon (uncredited)
  • Mindy McEnnan – Demon Girl (uncredited)
  • Lou Diamond Phillips (uncredited)
  • Chuck Williams – Demon (uncredited)

Choice dialogue:

“And now my pig, you die!”

“A moon for the misbegotten.”

“We have beer, coke, water and goat’s milk.”

“I’ve never seen fog like this.”



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