Dead Rush – Canada, 2016

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Dead Rush is a 2016 Canadian point-of-view zombie horror film directed by Zachary Ramelan from a screenplay co-written with Gavin Michael Booth and Raven Cousens for Ruthless Pictures.

The movie stars David Michael Moote, Raven Cousens, Charlie Hamilton, Caleigh Le Grand, Rich Piatkowski, and Austin Duffy.

Press release:

“For the first time ever, the zombie apocalypse has fallen upon the shoulders of the viewer. Dead Rush puts you in the center of the mayhem like never before by letting you experience the horror through the eyes of a few struggling survivors as they search for safety, defend their loved ones, and fight for their lives through waves of the undead! Dawn is on the horizon, and even the day seems dark as night. The dead rush has begun. Will you make it?”


Dead Rush had its world premiere at the 2016 Canadian Film Fest.


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    1. IMDb lists it as American possibly because it’s being distributed by US based Ruthless Pictures but looking at the producers individual profiles its Canadian. Thanks for the info Anonymous.


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