Horror Hunters – documentary TV pilot, 2016


Horror Hunters is a 2016 American Shout! Factory TV documentary show hosted by Aaron Christensen (editor of the book Hidden Horror: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks) and Adam Rockoff (author of Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, 1978-1986).


Horror Hunters is a reality show following Christensen and Rockoff on their ogling and acquisition horror quests, bringing to mind previous shows like Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter and Syfy’s Hollywood Treasure.

It’s a brief, but intense, love letter to horror collecting of the most thorough kind; so much so, it’s easy to see in this pilot episode how the two collections covered, Phil Meenan’s seemingly bottomless Frankenstein agglomeration and Jon Kitley’s broad but scrupulous stockpile of ghastly delights, could be considered, by non-fans, severe cases of mindless hoarding.

However, for those of us who are fans, it’s a glorious ride through a phantasmal wonderland of pop-culture creepiness, reminiscent of Forry Ackerman’s hungered-for Ackermansion horror trove. Although there are contrived aspects in the show, they are transitory and hardly intrusive; as a matter of fact, they tend to play into the fun of the thing.

With a touch of historical info dropped in for depth and trailers from vintage horror films separating segments, the show is an enjoyable, and at times nostalgic, watch for fans who can’t get enough quality objet d’art from the genre. Let’s hope Shout Factory eventually throws this into full production and gives fans more to sink their teeth into.

Ben Spurling, MOVIES and MANIA

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