THE NAKED BEAST (1967) Reviews and overview



The Naked Beast – original title: La bestia desnuda – is a 1967 Argentinian mystery thriller film written [as Raúl Zorrilla] and directed by Emilio Vieyra (Blood of the Virgins; The Curious Doctor Humpp). It wasn’t released until 25 March 1971.

The movie stars Susana Beltrán, Aldo Barbero, Norberto Aroldi, Gloria Prat, Osvaldo Pacheco, Rolo Puente, Catalina Speroni, Sonia Grey, Rosario Blanco, Amarilis Carrié, Aldo Bigatti, Myriam van Wessen, Héctor Biuchet, Mary Albano, Norberto Nelson, Víctor De Verona, Jaimito Cohen.


The police, led by Inspector Ibanez, are baffled by the murders of several attractive female dancers who all work on a musical TV show that features a horror-themed tableaux. The killings are the work of a masked psychopath with a taste for human blood and there are many suspects…


” … unbearable homage to Dario Argento’s first giallo.” 2000 Maniacos, quoted in Latsploitation, Exploitation Cinemas, and Latin America, edited by Victoria Ruétalo, Dolores Tierney, 2009 [Note: La Bestia Desnuda was made in 1967, before The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, 1969]