FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES (1987 – 1990) TV series



Friday the 13th: The Series – also known as Friday’s Curse – is an American-Canadian supernatural horror television series that ran for seventy-two episodes over three seasons, from October 3, 1987, to May 26, 1990, in first run syndication.

The series follows Micki and Ryan, owners of an antique store, and their friend, Jack Marshak, as they try to recover cursed antiques, to put them into safety in the store’s vault.

Originally, the series was to be titled The 13th Hour, but producer Frank Mancuso, Jr. thought this would turn away viewers and instead took the name Friday the 13th to deliberately draw in audiences using “the idea of Friday the 13th, which is that it symbolizes bad luck and curses”.


Despite this title, the series has no story connections to the film series of the same name, as Jason Voorhees does not make an appearance, nor does any character connected to the films.

The series and the films have several cast and crew ties, however. The show’s producer, Frank Mancuso, Jr., was producer of the movie series from Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) until the final instalment distributed by Paramount, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan in 1989. The show’s star, John D. LeMay, went on to appear in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, guest star John Shepherd played Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, and episode director David Cronenberg appeared in Jason X. Fred Mollin, Rob Hedden, and Tom McLoughlin worked behind the scenes of both series.




“Lewis Vendredi made a deal with the devil to sell cursed antiques. But he broke the pact, and it cost him his soul. Now, his niece Micki, and her cousin Ryan have inherited the store… and with it, the curse. Now they must get everything back and the real terror begins.” — prologue that opened each episode

An antique dealer named Lewis Vendredi (“Friday” in French), played by R.G. Armstrong (Race with the Devil; EvilspeakThe Beast Within) has made a deal with the Devil to sell cursed antiques out of his shop, “Vendredi’s Antiques”, in exchange for wealth, magic powers, and immortality. In the show’s first episode (“The Inheritance”), he rebels against the Devil and breaks the deal. The Devil kills Vendredi and claims his soul for breaking the deal.


After Lewis’ death, his shop is inherited by his niece, Micki Foster (Louise Robey) and her cousin by marriage, Ryan Dallion (played by John D. LeMay). They decide not to keep the store, and sell off many of the cursed antiques before being stopped by Jack Marshak (Chris Wiggins). Jack was Lewis’ friend, a retired world-traveller and occultist who originally collected many of the antiques for Vendredi before they became cursed.

The series follows the protagonists as they hunt down the cursed antiques, which are usually in the possession of people who have discovered their magic powers and are unwilling to give them up. In some cases, the object is in the possession of the one who originally discovers the curse (“The Inheritance”), while in others (e. g. “Tales of the Undead”, “A Cup of Time”, “Vanity’s Mirror”, “Read my Lips”, “The Mephisto Ring”, “The Prisoner”) another person has learned of the object’s power and obtained it before the object is recovered.

7 robey and ryan dispatch themselves

Since the cursed antiques are completely indestructible, they must be locked away in a vault beneath “Curious Goods” (the rechristened antique store) that is designed to magically render the objects inert. A manifest, written by Lewis, holds the records of all the cursed objects sold by him. The city of this antique shop is unidentified, the series mostly being vague about whether it is in the US or Canada, but in the third season episode “My Wife as a Dog” showed the local fire department crew wearing the US flag on their uniforms and a bar’s cash register filled with US currency.

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Most of the stories in the series deal with people using the cursed objects’ magic for personal gain or for revenge. To use the objects’ magic powers, a human sacrifice is required, with the victim being killed by the object itself or in some particular manner reflecting the object’s history.


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Typically, the person using the cursed object ends up becoming a victim of the object’s curse after failing to meet its demand for more and more human sacrifices. Some objects are sentient and intelligent, such as the doll (“The Inheritance”) and the radio (“And Now the News”). Others do not actually speak but demonstrate intelligence and awareness in other ways (“Spirit of Television”, “The Playhouse”) or confer intelligence on other inanimate things (“Read My Lips”, “Double Exposure”, “Wax Magic”). Still others function without intelligence, mechanically dispensing a certain benefit in response to human sacrifice (“Root of All Evil”, “The Mephisto Ring”, “The Prisoner”). Occasionally, there would be an object-free episode in which the trio would confront their uncle’s spirit or some other Satanic evildoer (“The Prophecy”, “Hellowe’en”, “Wedding in Black”).


Like some other sci-fi/horror shows in syndication in the late 1980s, such as War of the Worlds and Freddy’s Nightmares, Friday the 13th: The Series pushed the limits of “acceptable content”, featuring violence on par with that of the R-rated horror movies of the time.



Season One (1987–1988)

# Title Cursed Antique Details Notes Villain
1 The Inheritance A doll that kills people for its owner. Micki Foster and her cousin inherit an antique shop from their late Uncle Lewis Vendredi, but soon discover it comes with a devil’s curse. R. G. Armstrong portrays Lewis Vendredi and Sarah Polley as Mary. Lynne Cormack guest stars. Barclay Hope portrays Lloyd the lawyer. Mary, returned to her father.
2 The Poison Pen A quill pen that causes people to die when the user writes about them with it. Disguised as monks, the cousins and Jack track an antique quill pen to a monastery famous for its oracle of death. First of three episodes featuring Colin Fox as a cunning, ruthless villain. Other guest stars include Larry Reynolds, and Alan C. Peterson. Rupert Seldon, also known as Brother Le Croix, struck by a flying guillotine blade
3 Cupid’s Quiver The Cupid of Malek. Makes women fall in love with the owner, but they must be killed. Jack, Micki and Ryan search for a cursed statuette in the houses of a local college. Episode directed by Atom Egoyan. Denis Forest guest stars for the first time as a weak, pathetic villain. Carolyn Dunn also guest stars. Eddie Monroe, fell off a scaffolding.
4 A Cup of Time A teacup decorated with “Swapper’s Ivy”. Trades a victims life for youth. The group investigates a series of stranglings connected to a popular singer who is older than she seems. Really older. Hilary Shepard and Lisa Jakub guest star. Lady Die A.K.A. Sarah Barell, aged to death.
5 Hellowe’en The Amulet of Zohar which transfers a ghost into a new body. The evil spirit of Uncle Lewis crashes a Halloween party at the shop and seeks to re-enter the living world. Micki and Ryan are introduced to Uncle Lewis for the first time. This is the only episode in which someone speaks the phrase “Friday The 13th”. Uncle Lewis, returned to hell.
6 The Great Montarro A pair of Houdin escape cabinets which transfers any damage sustained in one to the victim trapped in the other. Jack enters a magician competition to find out who is using a set of deadly magician boxes. One of the few times the owner did not know of the curse. One of the four largest antiques recovered. See episodes 9,18 and 38. Montarro, killed by the coffin of blood (although his daughter was the actual culprit).
7 Doctor Jack A surgical scalpel with an ivory and silver handle which provides a successful surgery after it is used to kill. A series of slashings leads the group to a surgeon who loves his work. Cliff Gorman plays the villain. This is the first time the cousins return a cursed object to its user after successfully stealing it. Doctor Vincent Howlett, electrocuted and stabbed by the scalpel.
8 Shadow Boxer A pair of boxing gloves which allows victory in the ring, while the user’s shadow beats a victim to death elsewhere. A punchy, broken-down fighter gets in touch with his dark side. One of the protagonists uses the magic of a cursed object, with regrettable consequences. David Ferry, Jack Duffy, and Patricia Hamilton guest star. Tommy Dunn, arrested.
9 Root of All Evil A portable garden mulcher which turns chewed up bodies into money. Micki must decide whether to continue tracking down cursed objects or to go marry her fiance, Lloyd the lawyer, while Ryan and Jack look for a hexed mulcher. Lloyd makes his second and last appearance. Enrico Colantonistars as this episode’s villain. Other guest stars include Barclay Hope, Jack Mather, Ian White, Thomas Hauff and Kay Tremblay. Adrian, shredded by the mulcher.
10 Tales of the Undead A comic book which turns its holder in an invincible killer robot. Ryan witnesses an attack by a character from his favorite comic book. Guest stars include Ray Walston, David Hewlett, Bob Aarrons, Michele George, Jenn Griffin and Anthony Bekenn. Jack is absent and does not appear in this episode. Jay Star, stabbed by his trophy.
11 Scarecrow An animated scarecrow that provides good crops after it beheads three victims. Micki and Ryan head to a small farming town where three people turn up dead each harvest. First mention of Ryan’s younger brother, Jimmy, deceased some years ago. Guest stars include Patricia Phillips, Steve Pernie, and Ted Hanlan as the Scarecrow. Jack is absent and does not appear in this episode. Marge Longacre, beheaded by the scarecrow.
12 Faith Healer The Sforza Glove that transfers ailments from one person to another. A debunked faith-healer acquires real healing-powers, but gets debunked again, and worse, by one of Jack’s peculiar old friends. Episode directed by David Cronenberg. First of two appearances by Robert A. Silverman. Other guest stars include Miguel Fernandes, John Bethune and Lynne Gorman. Stewart Fishoff, shot to death; also, Jerry (no last name given), died of a skin disease.
13 The Baron’s Bride Two objects: A black cape with a diamond brooch. The cape makes the wearer irresistible to women; The brooch allows time travel once blood touches it. Micki and Ryan are thrown back in 19th-century London along with a murderous, hypnotic vampire who has his eyes on Micki. First of four time travel episodes. (See also: Episodes 39, 59, and 72). Sequences back in time are shown in black and white. Bram Stoker is a character in the episode. Tom McCamus guest stars as Frank Edwards. Frank Edwards, killed by a stake through the heart.
14 Bedazzled A brass lantern that reveals sunken treasure, then burns the diver to death with it’s light. After Jack and Ryan recover a cursed lantern, the owner tries to get it back by terrorizing Micki and her young guest at Curious Goods. The majority of the action takes place at Curious Goods. We learn that the Vault, like the cursed antiques, is magically impervious to physical damage. Jonah, burned by the lantern.
15 Vanity’s Mirror A gold compact that makes men fall in love with its owner, who must kill them later. An unattractive girl uses a magic compact to make boys who insult her fall in love with her, then kills them and she has her eyes on her sisters boyfriend. First of two appearances by Ingrid Veninger. The prom is billed as “Prom ’87” but the episode did not air until 1988. In this episode, the protagonists fail to recover the cursed antique. They eventually recovered it in episode 40. Helen Mackie, jumped off the roof of her school with her last victim.
16 Tattoo A case of antique Chinese tattoo needles that give good luck to the tattoo artist after the tattoos come to life and kill their wearers. A compulsive gambler in Chinatown acquires tattoo needles that enable him to win big as long as someone else loses their life. Keye Luke, Leonard Chow, Mung-Ling Tsui, Denis Akiyama, Harvey Chow and Von Flores guest star. Tommy Chen, shot himself to death while playing Russian Roulette.
17 The Electrocutioner An electric chair that gives the user electrical powers for a short time after it electrocutes a victim. An innocent survivor of an electric chair uses the chair’s magic powers to get revenge on those who put him in it. First of three appearances by Angelo Rizacos as a tormented villain. Also features Frank Adamson, Marcia Bennett, and J. Winston Carroll. Eli Pittman, electrocuted.
18 Brain Drain A trephanator that transfers intelligence from one person, who dies, to another. A mentally impaired man uses a cursed trephanator to steal brain-power from well known scholars, and his next target is Jack’s bride-to-be. Guest stars include Carrie Snodgress, and Denis Forest in his second appearance as a pathetic villain. One of the four largest antiques recovered. See episodes 6,9 and 38. Harry Braddon, AKA Stewart Pangborn, died of stupidity.
19 The Quilt of Hathor (Part 1) A red-and-black demonic-themed patchwork quilt that lets the holder kill others in their dreams. While searching for a cursed quilt in a reclusive, anti-modern religious community, Ryan falls in love and joins a religious sect. Features a sect called the “Penitites”, modeled after Amish andMennonite communities, but with an important difference: these Penitites practice trial by combat, and exorcism by fire. Bernard Behrens, Kate Trotter and Carolyn Dunn guest star. Effie Stokes, killed in the next episode by Josiah breaking her back.
20 The Quilt of Hathor (Part 2): The Awakening A red-and-black demonic-themed patchwork quilt that lets the holder kill others in their dreams. Ryan is framed by the town leader as the mastermind of all the killings. Micki and Jack return to the Penitites after discovering the quilt they retrieved was a fake. Reverend Josiah Grange, fell from the window of a barn loft.
21 Double Exposure A photographic camera that creates a living, murderous double of a photographed person who will die if the negative and the double aren’t destroyed. Ryan sees a famous television newscaster hack someone to death with a machete at the same time he was on the air live. A name on a reserved parking space outside the television studio is F. Mancuso Jr, a reference to creator and executive producer Frank Mancuso Jr. Catherine Disher plays Ryan’s doomed girlfriend Cathy Steiner. Winston Knight, faded into nothingness.
22 The Pirate’s Promise A foghorn that summons the murderous spirit of a pirate. Ryan and Micki visit a small seaside town which is haunted by the ghost of a murderous, long-dead pirate. Jack is absent and not in this episode. Bernard Behrens guest stars. Joe Fenton, killed by the pirate’s ghost.
23 Badge of Honor A traditional star-shaped sheriff’s badge that kills anyone it is pinned to. A bitter, burnt-out cop uses a cursed badge to get revenge on the mobsters who killed his wife. Meanwhile, an old boyfriend of Micki’s comes for an extended visit. Jack is absent and also does not appear in this episode. Episode features the song “Killer Instinct” by Robey from her album One Night in Bangkok. Guest stars include Val Avery, John Stockwell, and David Proval as the villain Victor Haas. Russ Sharko, shot to death.
24 Pipe Dream A tobacco pipe with smoke that incinerates a victim Ryan is invited to his father’s wedding, but learns that his father has been using a magic pipe to murder his business rivals in the military industry. Guest stars include Michael Constantine as Ryan’s father Ray Dallion and Nick Nichols as Buck Clemens. Ray Dallion, burned to death by magic smoke.
25 What a Mother Wouldn’t Do A baby crib that keeps a sick child alive and will cure its disease after seven people are killed in water. A cursed cradle from the R.M.S. Titanic compels the parents of a sick baby to drown people, in order to save their baby’s life. Uncle Lewis makes a brief appearance. Lynne Cormack portrays Mrs. Leslie Kent. Leslie Kent, jumped off a balcony into a fountain to become the last sacrifice.
26 Bottle of Dreams A Canopic jar that traps victims in their worst memories. Micki and Ryan are trapped inside the vault with a cursed urn that conjures up a wave of nightmare flashbacks. End-of-the-season flashback episode. Uncle Lewis tries once again to rise from the dead by forcing Jack to taking his place in hell in exchange for Ryan and Micki’s lives. Rashid, portrayed by Elias Zarou, is introduced. Uncle Lewis

Season Two (1988–1989)

# Title Cursed antique Details Notes Villain
27 Doorway to Hell A mirror that belonged to Louis XIV. It acts as a portal between Earth and the Realms of Darkness. Though magical, it is not technically one of the cursed antiques. Uncle Lewis’ ghost is back and he lures Ryan and Micki to an abandoned home in hopes of eliminating them and returning to the living world. The only cursed relic which does not require a death to work. Uncle Lewis makes another appearance, this time trying to escape the Realm of Darkness. A continuation of “Bottle of Dreams”. Rashid appears again. Uncle Lewis, returned to hell.
28 The Voodoo Mambo A voodoo mask that holds, and sustains, the spirit of an evil voodoo priestess and steals the souls of others. A disinherited man uses, and is used by, a bloodthirsty voodoo priestess who is connected to an old friend of Jack. Guests include David Matheson, Joe Seneca, Rachael Crawford, and Suzanne Coy. Carl, killed by Laotia. Laotia, soul stolen by the mask.
29 And Now the News An old cathedral-style radio that frightens listeners to death, and then transmits valuable information to its owner. Just as an ambitious psychiatrist’s patients are enjoying miraculous cures, other doctors’ patients are being frightened to death, literally. Jack is absent and does not appear in this episode. The radio offers Micki and Ryan a way to recover cursed objects easily and safely, if “certain conditions are met”, which they refuse. Doctor Avril Carter, electrocuted by the radio.
30 Tails I Live, Heads You Die The Coin of Ziocles that kills one person and then brings a dead person back to life. The victim is branded with a ram’s head on their forehead. The leader of a Satanic cult brings powerful, long-dead magicians back to life. Together, they plan to summon Satan himself, and to “rule the world, in His name”. Second cunning, ruthless villain played by Colin Fox. Micki is killed during the ordeal, but is restored to life by cunning trickery. The coin, lost in this episode, returns in episode 58 (Bad Penny). Sylvan Winters, crushed by falling debris.
31 Symphony in B# A violin that allows its burned and crippled owner to perform, after killing someone with a blade hidden in the bow. Ryan falls for a talented young violinist who is being haunted by her supposedly dead mentor. Ely Pouget and James Russo guest star. The first name Micki reads off to Jack is Jon Andersen, a reference to the show’s supervising producer of the same name. The story is very similar to the Phantom of the Opera. Janos Korda, jumped off a scaffolding.
32 Master of Disguise A makeup case belonging to John Wilkes Booth, which grants its deformed owner temporary good looks. Micki falls for an up-and-coming actor whose good looks mask a monstrous agenda. Guest stars include John Bolger as William Pratt and Jason Blicker as Danny. William Pratt, arrested.
33 Wax Magic A handkerchief that can animate wax figures, but one figure must kill in order for another one to stay alive. Ryan falls for the wife of a jealous wax sculptor while investigating a series of axe-murders at a local carnival. One of the few episodes in which the cursed object’s owner is not killed by it. Micki is not in this episode. Susannah Hoffmann, Yvan Labelle, and Angelo Rizacos guest star, the latter in his second appearance as a tormented villain. Aldwin Chase, arrested.
34 Read My Lips Adolf Hitler’s pink silk boutonnièrethat brings a ventriloquist’s dummy to life and compels people to kill. An old friend of Micki’s is about to marry a ventriloquist, whose sharp-humored dummy does not approve. Jack is not in this episode. Guest stars include Billy Drago, John Byner, Linda Griffiths, Ed Gale, and Danny Mann. Edgar Van Horne, committed to a psychiatric hospital; also, Travis Plunkett, stabbed to death. Oscar the Dummy, became lifeless.
35 13 O’Clock A pocket watch that stops time for an hour at 1 a. m. (the 13th hour), allowing the user to plunder the motionless world, after the owner kills someone. A rich man’s ambitious trophy-wife murders him for his magical stopwatch. Two street-kids witness the murder, and appeal to Curious Goods for help. Second appearance by Ingrid Veninger. Gwynyth Walsh and David Proval also guest star. This episode became the show’s 2nd Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement In Special Visual Effects at the 1989 Primetime Emmy awards. The 1st Emmy nomination was for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequence in 1988. Reatha Wilkerson, frozen in time forever with her lover.
36 Night Hunger A silver chain with a blank car key that magically upgrades its owner’s car after it touches blood from a run over victim and gives him telepathic control over it after it wraps itself around his heart. Curious Goods neighbor Dominic Fiorno asks the group to help his son Michael, who has been driving in illegal amateur car-races. Guest stars include Nick Nichols, Richard Panebianco, and Réal Andrews. The cursed key was originally given as a gift and was therefore not listed in Vedredi’s manifest. Michael Fiorno, died in a car crash with his father.
37 The Sweetest Sting A transport bee hive which causes the bees to become ‘vampires’, able to transfer life-force from one person to another by stinging. A beekeeper uses a swarm of vampiric bees to provide terminal patients with new bodies, and to extort money and services from them afterwards. This was the first of three episodes directed by sci-fi veteran David Winning and nominated for a Gemini Award. Guest stars includeArt Hindle, David Palffy, Timothy Webber, Elva Mai Hoover andTedde Moore. McCabe, stung to death by his bees.
38 The Playhouse A playhouse that grants two abused children a fantasy world, but they must lure other children into it as prisoners. Two abused children connected with a mysterious rash of disappearing children. The only episode with no deaths. A cursed top hat and a sacrificial dagger are also mentioned. Guest stars include Belinda Metz,Wayne Best, Robert Oliveri and Lisa Jakub. Mike and Janine Carlson, taken from their abusive mother.
39 Eye of Death A Civil War Era magic lantern that allows its owner to travel back to the time shown in the slide, requiring a murder for each leg of the trip. Another antique dealer, formerly one of Jack’s business rivals, is time-travelling and getting collectable Civil War artifacts straight from the battlefields. The second of four time travel episodes; (See also episodes 13, 59, and 72). The past is represented in sepia tones in this episode. Cast includes Jack Creley, Bernard Behrens, and Tom McCamus. Atticus Rook, trapped in a wall before he could escape the time portal.
40 Face of Evil The gold compact, lost at the end of “Vanity’s Mirror”, is found, but its power has changed. This time, it restores a model’s beauty by killing others or mutilating their faces. An aging super-model uses the cursed compact to revive her career. Guest stars include Canadian supermodel Monika Schnarre, model/actress Sandrine Holt (credited as Sandrine Ho), Laura Robinson, and Lynn Gorman. Tabitha Robbins, aged by the compact.
41 Better Off Dead A silver syringe that lets its owner extract transplantable tissues from his victims’ brains temporarily curing his hyper violent daughter. A doctor has been abducting prostitutes in order to experiment on them and find a cure for “hyper-violence syndrome”. Aired with “graphic violence” warning (Original episode, WPIX-TV 1988). Jack states that serial killer Thomas Neill Cream claimed, just before hanging, to be Jack the Ripper, but this was anunsubstantiated rumor. The first of three appearance of Neil Munro. Doctor Warren Voss, thrown off a balcony by his daughter.
42 Scarlet Cinema A movie camera that can bring characters from horror movies to life, and grant wishes in return for murders. A film student with a thing for werewolf films uses a cursed movie camera to bring the beast to life, and, eventually, to become a werewolf himself. Another episode directed by sci-fi veteran David Winning and nominated for a Gemini Award. Features clips from the classic movie The Wolf Man with Lon Chaney Jr. and Claude Rains. Guest stars include Julie Stewart and Jonathan Wise. Darius Pogue, strangled in werewolf form with a film strip coated with silver nitrate.
43 The Mephisto Ring A 1919 World Series ring that predicts the outcomes of sporting events after killing someone who wears it. An indebted gambler may have struck it rich with a ring that provides betting tips at the cost of a person’s life. Third appearance by Denis Forest as a weak, pathetic villain. Ryan states that the ring was listed in the Manifest as the first object Lewis sold. Jack is absent from this episode. Donald Wren, shot in the head.
44 A Friend to the End A stone fragment called the Shard of Medusa which turns people to stone, and a child’s coffin that resurrects a dead child, but the child must kill. While Micki and Ryan track down a sculptor who turns her models into stone statues, Micki’s lonely nephew finds a new, dangerous playmate. Jack is absent again. Two separate stories, about two unrelated cursed objects, in one episode. Although DeJager flees to Europe with the shard of Medusa, it is later retrieved by Jack in episode 56 (Crippled Inside). Guest stars include Donna Goodhand, Keram Malicki-Sánchez, and Zachary Bennett. Actor David Morse directed this episode. DeJager for the shard, escaped / Ricky, chose to return to the dead.
45 The Butcher The silver Thule Amulet, which allows a Nazi criminal to resurrect a dead warrior and communicate telepathically with him. Jack’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of a resurrected Nazi officer whom he killed and must kill again. Micki and Ryan are absent. Guest stars include Julius Harris, Nigel Bennett, and Colin Fox. Fox plays his third and last cunning, ruthless villain. Horst Mueller, remains in jail in Germany; also, Oberst Rausch, AKA Carl Steiner, AKA the Butcher, killed by Jack.
46 Mesmer’s Bauble A hypnotist’s bauble that grants wishes after it is used to hypnotize and kill a victim. A lonely man uses a cursed bauble to get close to a beautiful popular singer. Very, very close. Originally titled “The Secret Agenda of Mesmer’s Bauble”. Guest stars singer-actress Vanity as Angelica. She performs her pop hit “Undress Me” (“Can you kiss me? Baby undress me!”) and a cover version of “Nature Boy”. Howard Moore, fell into lighting fixtures and was electrocuted.
47 Wedding In Black A snow globe that traps its victims in fantasy landscapes. Though magical, it is not technically one of Vendredi’s cursed antiques. The Devil (Satan) sends three dead souls back into the living world, with orders to lure Ryan, Micki, and Jack out of it. Micki is captured and almost raped by the Devil himself in an attempt to impregnate her with a demonic child. Guest stars include Stephen Meadows, Guy Bannerman, and Carolyn Dunn.
48 Wedding Bell Blues A cue stick that gives unbeatable skill at pool for a short time after it is used to impale someone. With help from Johnny Ventura, Micki hunts down a hexed pool cue, which is being used by someone with unrequited love. First appearance of Johnny Ventura. A pair of cursed snow shoesare also mentioned. Guest stars include Louis Ferreira, Elizabeth Maclellan, and Lolita Davidovich (credited as Lolita David). Jennifer Carpenter, presumably in jail for murder.
49 The Maestro A Victorian symphonia (music box) that gives new choreographic material to its owner, but kills the dancers in the process. Jack’s niece comes to town to dance for a prestigious choreographer, whose dancers seem prone to suicide and deadly accidents. First appearance of Cynthia Preston (credited as Cyndy Preston). First appearance of Colm Feore as a clever, artistic villain. Anton Pascola, chose to die by the symphonia in order to dance his masterpiece.
50 The Shaman’s Apprentice A Native American shaman’s ceremonial rattle that can cure any disease, but only after it has been used to kill. A Native American doctor uses a magic rattle to cure terminally ill patients, and to kill people who disrespect his Shamanist faith. Although the rattle is said to be returned to its sacred cave, it can be seen on a shelf in the vault during a panning shot at the end of the “Jack-In-The-Box” (season 3) episode. Gordon Tootoosis and Heather Hess guest star. White Cloud, killed by his ancestors spirits.
51 The Prisoner A Japanese kamikaze pilot jacketthat renders the wearer invisible when smeared with blood from a freshly murdered victim. An invisible burglar kills Johnny’s father, and sets Johnny up as the killer. While in prison awaiting trial, Johnny recognizes the murderer (by smell). Second appearance of Johnny Ventura, and first appearance of his father Vince. Guest stars Larry Joshua as Dayton Railsback and Sean McCann as Vince Ventura. Dayton Railsback, burned to death.
52 Coven of Darkness A witch’s ladder that greatly increases the user’s magical powers. Also, a sculptor’s tool which enchants victims by shaping their likenesses in clay. Uncle Lewis’ old witches coven wants a powerful witch’s ladder that will enhance their powers, and they hex Ryan to get it for them. Ryan is bewitched in this episode. Micki learns that she has magic powers, but uses them all up. Guest stars include Maria Ricossa, Mark Wilson and Jason Blicker. Lysa, thrown through a window by Ryan.

Season Three (1989–1990)

# Title Cursed antique Details Notes Villain
53 The Prophecies (Part 1) One of three Books of Lucifer that can make the evil prophecies written in it real. Though magical, it is not one of Vendredi’s cursed antiques. Jack heads to France to investigate strange events that are connected to a prophecy that will bring about the anti-christ. Johnny Ventura returns and remains for the rest of the series. Fritz Weaver guest-stars. Asteroth, burned by the light of God.
54 The Prophecies (Part 2) One of three Books of Lucifer that can make the evil prophecies written in it real. Though magical, it is not one of Vendredi’s cursed antiques. Ryan has been turned into a servant of the devil and the only hope he has is a young girl who believes in God’s love. Ryan Dallion’s last episode. Nathaniel Moreau portrays the young Ryan Dallion. Asteroth, burned by the light of God.
55 Demon Hunter A golden ritual dagger that allows one to summon a demon. A family of ex-cultists is being hunted by a demon, and they have tracked paranormal activity right to the shop. A chamber below the Vault is discovered, thereby providing more storage space. Johnny becomes a partner in the store. Guest stars include Dale Wilson, Allison Mang, David Orth and David Stratton. Bonnie Cassidy, stabbed by her father.
56 Crippled Inside A wheelchair that heals crippling neurotraumatic injuries by killing others, and projects a dangerous ghostly double of its owner. While fleeing from a gang-assault, a girl is hit by a car and paralyzed. She then uses a magical wheelchair to reverse her paralysis and to kill her assailants. Guest stars Stephanie Morgenstern, Dean McDermott,Andrew Simms, Richard Chevolleau, Greg Spottiswood,Diana Leblanc, and John Gilbert. Jack does not appear in this episode. Rachel Horn, broke her neck falling down a flight of stairs.
57 Stick It In Your Ear A hearing aid that lets the wearer hear the thoughts of people around him, but the thoughts build up and must be transferred to another person, killing them. A stage-performer with a bad mind-reading act acquires telepathic powers and murderous compulsions. The heroes recover five other cursed objects at an estate auction, though it is never mentioned what they are. Wayne Best guest stars. Adam Cole, ripped the hearing aid out of his head, killing himself.
58 Bad Penny The Coin of Ziocles from season two. A crooked cop finds the hexed coin and uses it for his own ends until Johnny steals it and uses it to restore his father to life. The lost coin from episode 30 (Tails I Live, Heads You Die”) is finally retrieved. Guest stars include Ed Setrakian as Gorman and Sean McCann as Johnny’s resurrected “Pop”. Officers Gorman and Briggs, Gorman shot by Briggs and Briggs beaten with a shovel by Micki.
59 Hate On Your Dial A 1954 Chevy car radio that allows time travel after it is smeared with blood. Johnny carelessly sells a cursed car radio to the brother of a racist man. The racist travels back in time and tries to prevent his father, a member of “The Klan,” from being convicted of murder. The third of four time travel episodes; (See also episodes 13, 39, and 72). Michael Rhoades, Henry Czerny, Vlasta Vrána, and Robert A. Silverman guest star. The word “colored” is used by villains as a substitute for the n-word. Ray Pierce, burned at the stake by the Klan.
60 Night Prey The Cross of Fire, which enables its owner to incinerate vampires after killing someone with a hidden blade in the cross. A vampire hunter steals a golden cross that kills vampires, in order to get revenge on the vampire that turned his wife into a vampire. One of the more controversial episodes for its mature sexual themes, including a lesbian kiss. Jill Hennessy plays a small role as a vampire woman. Kurt Bachman, turned into a vampire and a stake driven through his heart.
61 Femme Fatale A 16mm movie print that releases a character for the duration of the film, absorbing a live woman to take her place in the deadly action. An aging director frolics with the female lead character from one of his classic noir movies, who convinces him to kill his wife. Gordon Pinsent guest stars as the antagonistic owner of the cursed relic. In this episode, Johnny must bail Jack out of jail, reversing the usual pattern. Desmond Williams, shot by his wife.
62 Mightier Than the Sword A fountain pen which compels its victim to do whatever the owner writes. An author gets rich by turning innocent people into homicidal maniacs, and writing true-crime thrillers about them. Only episode where Micki directly kills the user of a cursed item. Second clever, artistic villain played by Colm Feore. Alex Dent, slashed to death with a straight-razor by Micki.
63 Year of the Monkey A tea set that magically poisons the tea. Also a set of statues of the three wise monkeys that enable the head of a family to ensure that his children will be virtuous, or dead. A samurai instructor offers the group the return of a cursed tea set if they help him retrieve three cursed monkey statues. Robert Ito, John Fujioka, Tia Carrere, Von Flores, Leonard Chow and Jill Hennessy guest star. Tanaka, killed by the monkeys for dishonoring himself.
64 Epitaph For a Lonely Soul A mortician’s aspirator that extracts a person’s life force in order to resurrect a dead body. A grieving husband seeks help from the shop when he sees his dead wife alive and well in the care of a lonely mortician. Canadian supermodel Monika Schnarre and Neil Munroguest star. Johnny is absent and does not appear in this episode. Eli Leonard, burned to death by a chemical fire.
65 Midnight Riders None. Jack, Micki, and Johnny visit a small town haunted by the evil ghosts of bikers who were wrongly accused of rape and lynched. The only episode with no magical objects. Also, the only appearance of Jack’s father, Cawley (played by the actor Dennis Thatcher). Other guest stars include Lawrence King, George Buza, Andrea Roth, David Orth and Fiona Reid. The Dragon, buried in holy ground.
66 Repetition A cameo pendant that allows its owner to resurrect someone by killing someone else. A newspaper columnist goes mad after running over a girl, and kills a series of people, each in order to resurrect the previous victim. Johnny and Jack are absent; Micki only appears briefly.David Ferry, Kate Trotter and Kay Tremblay guest star. Walter Cromwell, killed himself to end the cycle.
67 The Long Road Home A small Samsara charm that enables its owner to transfer his consciousness into the body of a freshly killed victim, which gets resurrected. After recovering a cursed charm in another city, Micki and Johnny run into a family of nasty rural degenerates while driving home. Johnny’s possible romance with Micki is hinted at again, but not realized. Once again, one of the protagonists uses a cursed object, but this time, it does not cause a disaster. Jack is not in this episode. Géza Kovács, Angelo Rizacos, and Michael Philip guest star. Mike and Eddie Negley, one killed by Johnny and the other traded bodies with a stuffed corpse.
68 My Wife as a Dog The Aboriginal Leash of Dreams that makes its owner’s dream come true after he strangles people with the leash. A firefighter in the middle of a drawn-out divorce uses a cursed leash to turn his wife into a dog, and his dog into his wife. This is the only episode in which the villain gets his heart’s desire and lives to enjoy it. Fourth and final guest appearance of Denis Forest as another pathetic villain.Kim Nelles and Jayne Eastwood also guest star. Aubrey Ross, in jail.
69 Jack-in-the-Box A pirate-themed jack-in-the-box that allows its owner to visit her dead father’s spirit after drowning the people who killed him. After her father is murdered, a young girl uses a jack-in-the-box to exact revenge and to see her father’s spirit. This is the third episode directed by sci-fi veteran David Winning and was nominated for a Gemini Award. Wayne Best, Marsha Moreau, Jill Hennessey, and Lori Hallierguest star. One of the episodes wherein the user of cursed object does not get killed. Megan Garrett
70 Spirit of Television An old television through which spirits reach out and kill those who have wronged them, feeding their souls to the television to prolong the owner’s life. The trio investigates a terminally ill psychic whose celebrity clients are all getting killed in “accidents” involving television sets. Guest stars include Marj Dusay, Paul Humphrey, Paul Bettis and Belinda Metz. Ilsa Van Zandt, pulled into the spirit world.
71 The Tree of Life A cursed Druidic fertility statue that ensures the birth of fraternal twins of the opposite sex at the cost of the father’s life. A grieving mother claims that an all-female cult is keeping her daughter as their own. Guest stars include Gale Garnett, Brenda Bazinet, John Innes, Barbara Gordon and Tedde Moore. Doctor Sybil Oakwood, crushed by a falling tree branch.
72 The Charnel Pit A double-sided painting which acts as a time portal, sending live people into the past, and bringing corpses, laden with gifts from the past, into the present. A history professor sends Micki back in time into the dungeons of the Marquis de Sade, who shows her new ways to enjoy life. The Final Episode of the entire series. The fourth of four time travel episodes; (See also episodes 13, 39, and 59). The segments set back in time are in color this time.Vlasta Vrána, Neil Munro, Cynthia Preston, Paul Coeurand Andrew Jackson guest star. Professor Webster Eby, stabbed and sent through the painting.