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‘You haven’t lived until’

i-LIVED is a 2015 American horror feature film written and directed by French director Franck Khalfoun (P2Maniac [2012]; Amityville: The Awakening). It stars Jeremiah Watkins.


Josh is an app reviewer whose life is a mess. His latest assignment is a new self-help app called i-LIVED . You simply tell it what you want to achieve and it gives you the steps you must complete to reach your goals. Josh begins to see his life turn round.

However, as Josh’s wishes escalate, the tasks he is set take a very sinister and horrific turn..


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“There are some interesting stylistic touches now and then that display Khalfoun’s proficiency behind the camera. Different perspectives are offered, including cellphone cameras, video chats, etc. The mystery of how the app works is intriguing, but the film ultimately fails to really grab the audience…” Bloody Disgusting

“It’s not the most original concept hitting the market, and it doesn’t boast any eye-popping visuals, but there’s a lot of spirit in the feature thanks to a few inspired performances, some fine editing and a very, very brutal – even if foreseeable – finale.” Matt Molgaard, Best Horror Films

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“It’s a neat little concept, and one that resonates with today’s youth, but there’s such a dead, weightless air to the whole production. Technology is supposed to be sleek, sexy, and intriguing, but i-Lived feels like an outdated relic that’s struggling to keep up with the times.” Matt Donato, We Got This Covered

“The last act was all over the place to say the least, although far from boring, it was mind numbing that’s for damn shanky! To add insult to insult the big reveal (which was a non reveal cause well, I saw it coming eons away) was handled in a cheesy and almost childish kind of fashion hence spitting on the more grounded and mean spirited hour that preceded it.” The Arrow, Joblo.com

“Despite some flaws and a messy rushed conclusion there is something still to like in i-LIVED and there is no doubt that Khalfoun has shown he is a confident genre director. There’s just part of me that feels that unlike Maniac, he seems to have missed it by a slight, slight margin this time round…” James Pemberton, UK Horror Scene

“It shouldn’t come as a spoiler that a meeting with someone usually a little more red-tinted and hooved shows up toward the end. This is been there, seen that, of the highest order. While Maniac was extremely gory there’s barely anything here and most of the violence happens off screen.” Cinenerd, Blog Critics

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Cast and characters:

  • Jan Broberg as Josh’s Mom
  • Franck Khalfoun as Detective McQuee (voice)
  • Josh Cowdery as Executive #2
  • Shannon Collis as Drunk Girl
  • Luis Fernandez-Gil as Roberto Luis
  • Jeremiah Watkins as Josh
  • Thomas Payton as Zach
  • Koral Michaels as Kidnapped Girl
  • Nic D’Avirro as Josh’s Dad

Filming took place in Los Angeles, California in May 2014.

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