‘Everything, all at once…’

Grindsploitation: The Movie is a 2016 American horror exploitation anthology film produced by Tony Newton (VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary; Virus of the Dead; 60 Seconds to Die) and Paul Wennersberg-Lovholen (12 Slays of Christmas). The movie stars P.J. Soles, Lloyd Kaufman, Sadie Katz and Shawn C. Phillips.

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Official synopsis:

The film features segments from a host of indie film directors including:

Lloyd Kaufman – Intro

James Atkins – (segment “Zombeez”)

Dustin Austen – (segment “Outpost 31”)

Christopher Henry Axworthy – (segment “Isabella”)

Brandon Bassham – (segment “The Annum Triple Feature”)

Gary Baxter – (segment “Hell House”)

James Cullen Bressack – (segment “Doctor Suess’s There’s a Wocket in My Pocket”)

Dan Brownlie – (segment “Ugly Duckling”)

Laume Conroy – (segment “Johhny Hawk”)

Mj Dixon – (segment “Slaypril Fools Day Part 5 The Last Laugh”)

Andy Edwards – (segment “Alice in the Ultrabeyond”)

Caleb Emerson – (segment “Hamburger! The Rapist?”)

Alexander Emmert – (segment “The Wendigo”)

Donald Farmer – (segment “Dirty Cop: Simon Says!”)

Jason Figgis – (segment “The Wandering”)

Scarlet Fry – (segment “The Gardener”)

Kapel Furman – (segment “Pyronoia”)

Chris Gierowski – (segment “Narc Force”)

Peter Goddard – (segment “The Power Tool Rapist”)

Jason Impey – (segment “Impotent Killer”)

Izzy Lee – (segment “John Smith”)

Evan Makrogiannis – (segment “The Stripper Ripper”)

Tony Masiello – (segment “Cannibal Vampire Call-Girl Hookers From Outer Space Part 3”)

Nicole McClure – (segment “Demon Foot Suckers From Hell”)

Antoni McVay – (segment “Last Cabin in the Woods…of Death!”)

Emir Skalonja – (segment “Book of Blood”)

Justin W. Smith – (segment “Dead Men That Walk”)

Martin Sonntag – (segment “A Chronicle of Violence”)

Tony Newton – (segment “Dealthrealm”)

Robert Peacock – (segment “Isabella”)

Tommy Pistol – (segment “Demon Foot Suckers From Hell”)

Nick Principe – (segment “Make Them Pay”)

Ruben Rodriguez – (segment “No Strings Attached”)

Shane Ryan – (segment “The Girl Who Once Drank Blood”)

Todd Sheets – (segment “Durville Sweet & The Lost Temple of Ass Pirates”)

Robert Tinnell – (segment “Grave of the Gods”)

Jim Towns – (segment “Arbor Day”)

Brian Weaver – (segment “The Stripper Ripper”)

Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen – (segment “Forward Slash”)

Reyna Young – (segments “Don’t F*ck With The Babysitter!”, “Uno”)

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