CHILDREN OF THE CORN: GENESIS (2010) Reviews and overview



Children of the Corn: Genesis is a 2010 American supernatural horror feature film co-produced, written and directed by Joel Soisson (Pulse 2 and 3; Buried; Cam2Cam). The film’s premise is loosely based on Stephen King’s short story. It is also known as Children of the Corn VIII

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Main cast:

Billy Drago (Mirror, Mirror III and IV; Demon Hunter; The Hills Have Eyes), Tim Rock, Barbara Nedeljáková (Hostel and sequel; Strippers vs. Werewolves; Whispers), Kelen Coleman (Cassadaga), Duane Whitaker (Tales from the Hood; The Haunted Sea; Trailer Park of Terror), Dusty Burwell.


Tim and Allie seek shelter in a remote desert compound after becoming lost and stranded. A strange Manson-like character, Preacher (Drago), reluctantly allows them inside with strict orders to be gone by morning and not wander “where you are not invited.” At first, Preacher and his mail-order wife Oksana (Nedeljakova) deny the faint screams and cries that emanate from one of the crumbling outbuildings.

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When Allie sneaks outside to investigate, she discovers that she and Tim have stumbled onto a bizarre cult worshipping an entity that may — or may not — dwell inside a haunted little boy…

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” …the performances are generally fine but the budget is small and the action is a bit slow. There is a lot of talking, a lot of strange behavior and not much action or gore.” Horrorfreak News

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“The casting was perfect and the actors really deliver the goods. Budget may have been a factor as to why it was more drama than action and Soisson made the right choice by sticking to the strong drama rather than trying to put together cheesy action with some chump change. My main complaint was the lackluster ending.” Horror New

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” …writer/director Joel Soisson opts for something a little closer to psychological thriller, with Drago telling each side of the couple something about the other (one a lie, the other we’re never given a straight answer) and playing them against each other, which causes tension and allows to pad the running time with cheap but effective personal drama.” Horror Movie a Day

” …most of the action doesn’t even take place anywhere near a cornfield, as the lack of budget keeps everything situated inside Preacher’s house and the yard, so it might be more accurate to call the big baddie “He Who Walks Behind the Outhouse.” Oh, the Horror!


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“The lack of children of the corn in Children of the Corn: Genesis isn’t the film’s main issue. The biggest problem it has is that it’s not entertaining. It’s boring and at 80 minutes, it feels long. The story doesn’t resemble Children of the Corn, but it feels like a rehash of countless other flicks…” SBS

Filming locations:

Agua Dulce, Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, California


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