Loch Ness Terror aka Beyond Loch Ness – Canada, 2008 – reviews

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Loch Ness Terror, titled Beyond Loch Ness on the Syfy Channel, is a 2008 Canadian horror television film directed by Paul Ziller (Pledge Night) from a screenplay co-written with Jason Bourque. It was produced by Lindsay MacAdam and Kirk Shaw for Insight Film Studios.


Main cast:

Brian Krause (Camel Spiders; Poseidon Rex; Plan 9), Niall Matter, Amber Borycki, Carrie Genzel, Don S. Davis.

Opening plot:

James Murphy (Brian Krause) is a rugged cryptozoologist, who thirty years earlier, during a trip to Loch Ness, Scotland, had a fatal encounter with the fabled “Nessie” creature that killed his father, research assistants, and left James with a deep facial scar.


Thirty years later, James is hunting for Nessie, when his search leads him to the sleepy town of Pike Island, Ashburn, on Lake Superior. He encounters Josh Riley (Niall Matter), owner of a bait shop. Josh’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe, is going camping along with Brody and two others on a small deserted island on the lake.

Josh’s uncle, Sean, attempts to prove Nessie’s existence but is eaten instead. James hires Josh as a guide while his mother, Sheriff Karen Riley, eventually finds Sean’s remains. She begins to suspect that an underwater predator is on the loose…



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Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The Case Against: Nothing, unless you count bad acting, silly death scenes, jingoism, rampant product placement, and awful pseudo-science. But if you did that everyone in the movie industry would be out of a job.” Eileen “Raptor Red” Stahl, Something Awful

“This is a surprisingly gory affair with Nessie and her kids chomping down on every human they meet right from the ropy opening at Loch Ness. The main cast are reasonably good but some of the acting for the smaller parts is terrible. The film employs a lot of CG and sometimes it works reasonably well but for the most part it looks terribly fake. It is more fun than your average made for TV feature and if you like monster movies you might enjoy this.” Eat Horror


“It got high marks for the intelligence of the cryptozoologist. I am fascinated by how characters can stroll into films nowadays and declare themselves, “I’m a cryptozoologist,” over and over again … Beyond Loch Ness is a fun ninety minutes of escapism, especially for the cryptozoologically-minded.” Loren Coleman, Crypto Mundo


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“I hate to admit this but Loch Ness Terror was a pretty fun, entertaining ride which certainly blasted the rest of the Sci-Fi Channel’s movies out of the water. It’s got plenty of Nessie action, has a decent pace and above all didn’t suck in all of the major departments.” Popcorn Pictures



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Cast and characters:

  • Brian Krause as James Murphy
    Niall Matter as Josh Riley: Owner of a baitshop, and Zoe’s former boyfriend.
  • Amber Borycki as Zoe: Josh’s ex-girlfriend and Brody’s girlfriend.
  • Carrie Genzel as Sheriff Karen Riley: The local sheriff, and Josh’s mother.
  • Don S. Davis as Neil Chapman: Sheriff Karen’s deputy.
  • Sebastian Gacki as Brody: Zoe’s boyfriend, and Josh’ nemesis.
  • Neil Denis as Chad: One of the campers, later killed by Nessie.
  • Serinda Swan as Caroleena: One of the campers, later killed by Nessie.
  • Donnelly Rhodes as Uncle Sean: Josh’s uncle. Later killed by Nessie
  • Paul McGillion as Michael Murphy: James’ father, who is killed by Nessie.
  • Alan Longair as Thomas Chapman
  • Suzanne Ristic as Marge
  • Rob Morton as Bill Maxwell
  • David Lewis as Scientist #1
  • Bart Anderson as Scientist #2
  • R. Nelson Brown as Fisherman
  • Sam Laird as Young James Murphy

Filming locations:

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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