PUMPKINHEAD (2021) In development


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Pumpkinhead is a planned American supernatural horror film reboot of the franchise that began in 1988 with special effects expert-turned director Stan Winston’s film of the same name, which starred Lance Henriksen.

The film is still in development for a 2019 release with Nathan Atkins (Deadly Descent: The Abominable Snowman) attached as a possible screenwriter.

As reported by Entertainment WeeklySaw franchise executive producer Peter Block has obtained the rights to the Pumpkinhead franchise but it will not be a scene-by-scene reboot/remake. Block has also stated that he will follow the style of Stan Winston’s original creation and prioritize using practical effects over CGI. A director has yet to be assigned…

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Peter Block commented:

Pumpkinhead is one of my favorite horror films of the late ’80s, early ’90s, Stan Winston sits on that Mount Rushmore of iconic filmmakers because of his creature designs, and that was his first directing effort. The creature’s great but the emotional story is wonderful as well. I got the rights to Pumpkinhead, and hooked up with a great young writer called Nate Atkins, and we developed our script, which is really solid.”

“There is a similarity of theme and a similarity of story,” he added. “There’s a lot of Easter eggs for people who know the original — iconic shots and iconic lines that we’re going to use. But we’ve enhanced the setting, and we’ve expanded the characters somewhat, to give it a different kind of experience.”

Here’s the trailer for the 1988 original:

Source: Entertainment Weekly