The Thrill of Repulsion: Excursions into Horror Culture – book, 2016


The Thrill of Repulsion: Excursions into Horror Culture is a 2016 American book by William Burns, from Schiffer Publishing.

This collection of lists, articles, and interviews celebrates the beleaguered horror genre across different media while tracing the history of its acceptance into popular culture.

Divided into four sections: Film, Television, Literature and Comic Books, and Music – The Thrill of Repulsion: Excursions into Horror Culture groups horror movies from the Silent Era to today, as well as classic horror books and cult musical albums, into top 13 lists.

There are detailed reviews and analysis in categories such as the 13 Most Deranged Horror Director Debuts, the 13 Horror Movie Adaptations That Are Better Than the Book, and the 13 Most Terrifying Horror Film Soundtracks.

These chapters, together with in-depth conversations with musicians, aim to demonstrate how horror has penetrated our culture in more ways than we know.

The book covers experimental cinema, heavy metal, industrial music, comics, and the occult, all often far too often critically marginalized by the mainstream.

William Burns is an English professor at Suffolk County Community College. He teaches classes on horror films and horror literature, and lectures widely on the topics of experimental films, graphic novels, postmodernism, and surrealism.


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