Slime City – USA, 1988 – reviews


‘A horror film with guts’

Slime City is a 1988 American comedy-horror splatter film written and directed by Greg Lamberson (Killer Rack; Dry Bones). The Psychotronic Video Guide has suggested that the budget was $50,000.

The film stars Robert Sabin (Naked Fear; Undying Love; I Was a Teenage Zombie), Mary Hunter (Undying Love; Ghoul School), TJ Merrick, Dick Biel, Jane Reibel, Bunny Levine and Allen Rickman.


In 2008, Lamberson wrote a book about his filmmaking experiences on this movie and his oeuvre, Cheap Scares! Low Budget Horror Filmmakers Share Their Secrets, published by McFarland.

In 2009, Lamberson directed a belated sequel, Slime City Massacre, starring Robert Sabin and Scream Queen Debbie Rochon.

Artist Alex and his girlfriend are looking for a cheap New York City apartment to move into and eventually find one. However, their gothic new neighbour seduces Alex while his girlfriend is away.


Following the incident, Alex begins to turn into an angry, melting monster. He finds that the only way he can return to normal is to commit murder. His girlfriend must learn the cult secret of the apartment and the brutal massacre that took place centuries ago…


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“Despite the fact that the whole narrative is rather scattered it still works for the most part. All in all, it nicely falls into the late night movie scene in New York City in 42nd Street theatres from the late 1980s. Director Gregory Lamberson did a good job with the inadequate resources he more than likely had access to.”


” … the strange thing is that this movie is incredibly entertaining, whether intentionally or otherwise. The makeup effects on Alex as he undergoes his transformations are well-beyond the standard set forth by the rest of the movie (not shocking given the SFX team also worked on Toxic Avenger and Street Trash).” James Lasome, Horrorfreak News


“Frequently gory, imaginative and full of wonderful slimy horror, Slime City more than lives up to its name. Fun, cheesy and surprisingly resilient considering the age it now boasts, whilst it is not a film without faults.” Daryl Hobson. Blood Soaked Horror Reviews

“This gam anxiety is best observed during the film’s wonderfully disgusting finale, where Lori’s legs, and, not to mention, her winsome feet, come lower extremity-to-lower extremity with torrents of yellow arterial spray and clumps of sausagey entrails.” House of Self Indulgence

Previous releases:

Slime City was released on VHS in the United States by Camp Video in 1989.

The film was released in the United Kingdom under the title The Slime in 1993 by VIPCO.


The film was released on a special edition DVD by Shock-O-Rama Horror Cinema in 2005. The uncut DVD was re-released in July 2009, with Lamberson’s other features, Undying Love and Naked Fear, under the title Greg Lamberson’s Slime City Grindhouse Collection.


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