THE CARETAKER (2016) Reviews and overview



‘Some people care too much.’

The Caretaker is a 2016 American horror film directed by Jeff Prugh from a screenplay by Jeremy Robinson. The Step Off Grandpa Productions movie stars Meegan Warner (Scare Campaign; The Veil), Sondra Blake (Helter Skelter), Sean Martini, and Chanel Celaya.


After an aging woman, Birdie, scares off her caretaker, her twenty-something granddaughter, Mallorie, arrives along with her dutiful boyfriend, August.


The very first night in Birdie’s massive Victorian home, Mallorie finds herself sleepwalking and envisioning a young child. Unbeknownst to Mallorie, in the next room, Birdie is using her clairvoyance to summon a spirit from her past.


That spirit, of an old circus clown, haunts Mallorie tremendously, thus forcing August to demand that they hire a proper caretaker. With no such luck, a few sleepless nights, and a frustrated boyfriend, Mallorie must uncover Birdie’s darkest secrets before the house overtakes her sanity…


The Caretaker is one of those films where all the pieces fit nicely together – screenplay, direction, cinematography, sets, and acting. Even the recordings used and the original music by Darrell Raby work to enhance the mood and the tension of the film. The Caretaker is devoid of jump scares and methodically creates a slow-burn buildup of tension and frisson.” Jeff Mohr, Gruesome magazine


“It’s not a bad movie, it’s just not very interesting. Trying to pull cues from The Changeling and even Flowers in the Attic, the movie never gets its momentum going […] Are you a fan of jump scares? Well, this movie lives and dies by its jump scares.” Anderson Vision

“I’ll gladly rave about the good story, interesting characters and perfect pace of The Caretaker, but really, you should watch this movie for Sondra Blake. There’s a scene where she’s just dancing around in some sort of trance, and I could’ve watched that for the longest time. She is so damn intense and honest, which will freak you out!” Heaven of Horror


“I am excited to see more from Jeff Prugh in the horror genre because The Caretaker just works and makes for a fun time for the viewer. While far from perfect, The Caretaker is a nice film with plenty to enjoy and ends up being more than impressive than the typical movies that are thrown at genre fans.” Wicked Channel

“Megan Wheeler and Sean Martini may have been the leads, but make no mistake, Sondra Blake’ owns the movie. She steals every seen she’s in and acts circles around the rest of the cast. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that Sondra Blake is that good. Blake hasn’t lost a step at 80 years-old, and manages to make Birdie a truly compelling antagonist.” HNN

Filming Locations:

Los Angeles, California

Fun Facts:

The film was previously titled Portend.

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