Chainsaw Maidens from Hell (2016) overview

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Chainsaw Maidens from Hell is an American comedy horror feature film written and directed by Matthew Martino (The Drachen Recruitment Experiment). Kane Hodder is an associate producer for this the SGV production which is also known as simply Chainsaw Maidens.

Main cast:

Allen McRae, Kane Hodder, (Death House; Old 37; Smothered; Jason X) Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman, Sarah French (American Satan; Bite School; Insectula!), Chelsey Cayer (Crazed), Karin Webb (GrindsploitationTEN), Sean M. Kennedy (Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels; Blood of the Tribades; Dead Bounty), Sarah Michelle (Parts Unknown; Crazed; Night of the Naked Dead).


Blake is the captain of the football team and destined for a career in the pro leagues – that is if he passes his chemistry class. But destiny has a way of tackling the toughest of players when demons invade his college and begin to enslave the student body. A divine angel descends to give Blake an invincible suit of super football pads and send him out to battle the forces of evil.


Unfortunately, the suit is missing one vital piece – the jockstrap. In order to get it back, Blake must descend into the underworld and face the guardians of doom known as the Chainsaw Maidens from Hell. And he’s got to do all this while studying for a chemistry quiz…

Cast and characters:

  • Blake – Allen McCrae
  • Jane – Chelsey Cayer
  • Doctor Trundle – Sean Kennedy
  • The Coach – Lloyd Kaufman
  • Destiny – Sarah French
  • Desire – Monique Renee
  • Wrath – Karin Webb
  • Madness – Sarah Michelle
  • Bael the Demon – Viral Keshwalla
  • The Angel of Death – Kane Hodder


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