BLOODMYTH (2005) Reviews and overview



‘And this too has been one of the dark places of earth.’

Bloodmyth is a 2005 British horror thriller written, produced, photographed, co-edited and directed by John Rackham. The reported budget was just £3,000.

Main cast:

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-22-39-54Ian Attfield, Natalie Clayton, Henry Dunn, Keith Eyles, Jane Gull, Shelley Halstead, James Payton, John Rackham, Ben Shockley (Left for Dead, Ten Dead Men), Robert Harley Wainwright.

Juliet Corman, instructor for a survival training company invites her sister Holly along to the first course in a new centre in Kent woodland, unaware that waiting for them is a killer experimenting with ancient Celtic methods of human sacrifice…


Bloodmyth doesn’t take advantage of its cheapness and that is to its detriment. But not hugely so. Not significantly so. Not enough to stop the excellent script and sterling performances from shining through in what is certainly one of the most interesting and enjoyable films I have watched this year.” MJ Simpson, Cult films and the people who make them


“If I hear the orchestral background music loop one more time, I will go insane! It plays nearly constantly in the background on a seemingly endless loop with the only exception being the occasional addition of timpani drums and/or a slightly faster pace. Most of the elements of this movie are terrible: acting, character development, weak plot, script, and special effects.” Maria Fahlsing, IMDb

Filming locations:

Ruckinge and Shadoxhurst, Kent, England


The film was released on DVD in North America in May 2010 by Seminal Films.

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