THE POSSESSION EXPERIMENT (2016) Reviews and overview



‘Some doors should never be opened’

The Possession Experiment is a 2016 supernatural horror feature film photographed, co-edited and directed by Scott B. Hansen (short: The Feast) from a screenplay co-written with Mary J. Dixon.

The movie stars Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper, Kt Fanelli, Bill Moseley (Death House; The Devil’s Rejects; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Mark Joy, Rachel Faulkner, Greg Travis, Dallas T. Taylor, Scott Mielock, Ricky D’Alonzo, Terry Jernigan, Sheri Gill Dixon, Ryan Ware, Angelo Reyes.



Brandon has always been drawn to the supernatural, so when asked to pick a topic to base his final world theology class project on, he decides to explore the dark world of exorcisms.

Teamed up with three classmates, the group is lead to investigate a multiple homicide that they eventually discover was an exorcism gone horribly wrong. Brandon becomes obsessed with the event, and in a strange turn of events, decides the only way to research this topic is to undergo an exorcism himself. He starts a fundraising online campaign that goes viral overnight…


“Willingly giving evil an opening is a tricky game that most who play pay the ultimate price for. The Possession Experiment excels in ways that the majority of films in the genre will never know. The film is creepy, enjoyable, intelligent, and thought-provoking.” Cryptic Rock

“A chief reason why The Possession Experiment looks like a cheap rush job is the film’s awkward editing.  Most blemishes are minor, like someone’s arms crossed in one shot and then not in the reverse or some other slight change in posture.  But these inconsistencies arise so often that the movie’s timing is always off and it feels weird to watch.” Culture Crypt

“It’s a triumph for horror films everywhere made on a marginally smaller budget, truly aw inspiring. It’s scary and unpredictable. It’s clever, frightening and enthralling. And, more than anything else, it’s the best, most perfect representation of demonic possession that I’ve seen in all my years of reviewing.” Horror Society

” …a well thought out, put together film that millennials will appreciate, with the use of modern-day technology and vlogging. It was a fresh new beginning for Possession Movies and having Bill Moseley part of this was the icing on the cake. The Possession Experiment will deliver the twists and turns that genre fans have come to love.” iHorror

“Despite some creepy shots and moments of genuine anxiety, The Possession Experiment fails to build a cohesive story. Instead, it delivers plenty of tired possession tropes and far too many confusing or unmotivated plot contrivances.” No Real Danger

“The first few scenes are particularly great, but it’s a shame that the remainder of the film can’t maintain the creativity present in those opening few minutes. That being said, the concept alone warrants enough for this film to be watched and there is a refreshing amount of unpredictability present, which is rare for a modern day tale about possession.”Scream magazine


“Though the thin mystery about the hero’s connection with the opening sequence (in which guest star Bill Moseley shows up briefly as an exorcist) never really amount to much, there is an interesting, up-to-the-minute angle in the crowdfunded parapsychology.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“It’s…just so bland. The whole thing is very by the numbers and the “twist” can be predicted early on. I guess maybe if you’re a big fan of Bill Moseley, this is a good opportunity to see play a character that’s not a villain? Maybe?” The Wolfman Cometh


Filming locations:

Virginia Beach, Virginia


The film was released on Digital HD and On Demand on December 6, 2016.

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