DEMONIC TOYS 2 (2010) Reviews and overview



‘Playtime is over’

Demonic Toys 2 – aka Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons – is a 2010 American slasher horror film written and directed by former actor William Butler (writer of Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis and Rave to the Grave; Gingerdead Man and sequels) and produced by Charles Band.


Doctor Lorca (Michael Citrini, from Hideous!) is continuing to collect strange oddities, along with the help of Caitlin (Alli Kinzel) and her boyfriend David (Lane Compton).

They continue their search at a mysterious castle in Italy, where there have been rumours of a mysterious, ancient puppet alive and walking around…



“The story descends into incoherence and all the greedy cheats and murderers end up dead. Full Moon films rarely bother too much with coherence but by Full Moon standards this film was a bit bland. It still has that camp, cheesy over the top sense of fun but this just seemed a little less amusing.” Nameless Horror

“The few scenes of the full-bodied toys on the move are done with digital effects and most of what little gore there is was achieved using cheap CGI […] While I find myself neither enjoying nor hating the return of the Demonic Toys, it was the film’s irritating, repetitive score that soured me more than anything else.” Dread Central


“The original is one of the better Full Moon killer toy movies (possibly even my favorite, by default), but this is just like most of their recent offerings: lazy and dull, without any inventiveness or charm. I don’t know why it took them so long to make a true sequel after two or three spinoffs, but it certainly wasn’t worth the wait.” Horror Movie a Day

“I can life with the purple cloud, I can live with the one-dimensional characters, but I have trouble dealing with CGI gore that looks like a cartoon or a low budget Pixar. There could be cool gore here if they had went the natural route. We have a cool decapitation that gets messed up due to CGI.” Horrorphilia


Cast and characters:

  • Alli Kinzel as Caitlin
  • Lane Compton as David
  • Selene Luna as Lilith
  • Michael Citriniti as Doctor Lorca
  • Elizabeth Bell as Lauraline
  • Billy Marquart as Eric
  • Leslie Jordan as Mr. Butterfield
  • Gage Hubbard as Personal Demon
  • Jane Wiedlin as Baby Whoopsie

Choice dialogue:

Mr. Butterfield: “It seems very nefarious to me. I will not be toyed with!”

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