REEL NIGHTMARE (2017) Overview



Reel Nightmare – also known as Reel Nightmare: Book of Witchcraft – is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Armand Petri (Alpha Delta ZatanBayou Horror Story; TV series Tujunga Horror Story) for Together Magic Films. Produced by Art Arutyunyan, the film stars Madeleine Heil (Clowntergeist), Garrett Morosky (Ballet of Blood) and Andres Mejia Vallejo.



A group of film students from Miskatonic University venture into an old Victorian house with a grisly past to shoot a last-minute thesis.


However, the discovery of a mysterious book called the Necronomicon brings production to a deadly halt when they awaken the spirits of three vengeful witches…



Reel Nightmare was released on Digital HD via Amazon on February 7, 2017.

Main cast:

  • Madeleine Heil … Sophia
  • Garrett Morosky … Christian
  • Andres Mejia Vallejo … Carlos (as Andres Mejia)
  • Armand Petri … Hassan
  • Eric Saleh … Bo
  • Hailey Chown … Patty
  • Mari-Liis Userdnov … June
  • Keith Edie … Hamilton Derleth
  • Christine Uhebe … Agatha Goodwin
  • Eliza Bonev … Rosamund Goodwin (as Eliza Bone)
  • Kate Mccafferty … Miranda Goodwin
  • Daniel R. Murphy … Angry Mob Male
  • Pete Turner … Angry Mob Male #2
  • Chris Riley … Angry Mob Male #3
  • Amanda Arentsen … Angry Mob Woman