Deep Space – USA, 1987 – reviews


‘They created a monster over lunch. Now it’s back for dinner…’

Deep Space – stylized as DeepSpace – is a 1987 [released 1988] American science fiction horror film co-produced and directed by Fred Olen Ray from a screenplay co-written by T.L. Lankford. It stars Charles Napier, Ann Turkel and Bo Svenson. Steve Neill (Puppetmaster; The Stuff) provided the special effects makeup.

A U.S. satellite transporting a secretly engineered creature crashes to Earth near Los Angeles.


Police officers Ian McLemore (Charles Napier) and Carla Sandbourn (Ann Turkel) are assigned to pursue the escaped mutant beast.


Along the way, they clash with their superior, Capt. Robertson (Bo Svenson), and the scientists behind the project.

British actor James Booth looking shifty

Psychic Lady Elaine Wentworth (Julie Newmar) also lends them a hand before McLemore uses a chainsaw to battle with the beast in a fight to the finish…


Reviews [click links to read more]:

Deep Space is one of the better bad movies I’ve seen. Its flagrant ripping off of Alien is quite amusing, and it has quite a few great one liners. Charles Napier is perfectly cast as the gruff and tough McLemore. The monster itself, what little we see of it, is quite interesting as well.” James Hepler,

” …this sci-fi/horror meringue is well handled and the screenplay (by Ray and T.L. Lankford) has good characters and dialogue […] Part of the fun is watching character actors Anthony Eisley, Peter Palmer, James Booth and Julie Newmar.” John Stanley, Creature Features


“The final fight is pretty funny and pretty dumb. Despite some heavy firearms, the creature was ultimately done in with a fire axe, a chainsaw and a jar of Roach-B-Gone from a pest control company. Thankfully, the credits started rolling within a minute of the creature’s death to help numb the pain.” Lohn Leavengood, Movies, Films and Flix


” …pretty solid Fred Olen Ray fare, schlock horror, sci-fi, and action all mixed into one for a fun time; but the thing takes on another level with Napier as the lead. As great as he is as a supporting character, he’s that much better when it’s his show.” Matt Poirier, Direct to Video Connoisseur


Main cast:

  • Charles Napier
  • Ann Turkel
  • Bo Svenson
  • Ron Glass
  • Julie Newmar
  • James Booth
  • Norman Burton
  • Jesse Dabson
  • Elisabeth Brooks
  • Anthony Eisley
  • Peter Palmer
  • Fox Harris
  • Michael Forest
  • William Fair
  • Richard Wiley
  • Mohamed Najjar
  • Dawn Wildsmith




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