FLESHEATER: REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD (1988) Reviews and overview

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FleshEater: Revenge of the Living Dead
 is a 1988 American horror film produced and directed by Bill Hinzman from a screenplay co-written with William Randolph. It is also known as FleshEaterRevenge of the Living Zombies and, in the UK, it was released on VHS as Zombie Nosh.

Hinzman is best known for playing the cemetery ghoul in the opening scenes of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968). This film also stars John Mowod, Leslie Ann Wick, and Kevin Kindlin. It was completed on a budget of just $60,000.


When a farmer unearths a coffin on his land, he unwittingly releases a ravenous zombie hungry for human flesh.

Nearby, a group of teenagers are having a party in the forest, oblivious to the danger that they are in. When the zombies attack, the terrified youngsters flee to a deserted farmhouse, desperately trying to hold the undead horde back…

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Flesh Eater wallows in the base elements that was horror in the 80s and basically still is. No, not the cerebral horror that pulls our deepest fears from our bellies. No, not the “self-aware” crap like Scream but the purely gratuitous sort! (Smiles warmly).” The Horror Review

“Hinzman’s sparse effects crew proves to be impressive and prolific gag artists throughout, as there’s nary a stretch where someone isn’t having their guts consumed or their face blown off. If you’re going to basically eschew plot like FleshEater does, it’s wise to keep the blood flowing (and, some might say, the boobs flashing—there’s plenty of T&A here…” Oh, the Horror!

“Zombie Nosh has some moments of sleaze worth noting but Hinzman’s brainchild film is simply a very bad rip-off of a far superior film. Stick with the original zombie shocker Night of the Living Dead if you want sophisticated splatter.” Popcorn Pictures

“Most of the film has no atmosphere and no tension. The only scenes with any tension at all bear a striking resemblance to scenes from Night of the Living Dead, and these are dispensed with early in the film so Hinzman can get down to the business of his monotonous killing.” Zombierama

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