Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell is a 2014 American comedy horror feature film written and directed by Zack and Spencer Snygg.

The British Second Sight Films DVD release title is The Beaster Bunny!


The movie stars Peter Sullivan, Marisol Custodio, John Fedele, Jon Arthur, Bill Joachim, Darian Caine, AJ Khan, Kerri Taylor, Jackie Stevens, Autumn Bodell, and Violetta Storms.


Deep in the woods stalks a giant killer mutant Easter Bunny. Unsatisfied with nibbling on grass, he craves, chews lives on human flesh. Rock climbers, hitchhikers, and nudists alike all end up in his jaws as he devours everyone in his way. One by one, the townsfolk are consumed by the evil rabbit, but he still remains a mystery to most of the inhabitants.

Beaster Day mayor

Knowing that a flesh-eating giant rabbit might affect tourism a bit and the upcoming Easter Day corporate-sponsored parade, the corrupt mayor quietly covers up the deaths hoping to rake in as much cash as he can for the Easter Day celebrations.

The mayor tells the townsfolk that there is nothing to fear from the horrific decapitations and intestine removals. The deaths are all accidental demises due to hazardous farm tool equipment…


” …this is a fine choice if you like silly movies with inept special effects, pointless nudity, well crafted wackiness, and a marginal association with a major holiday. And if you don’t like any of those things, what the hell are you doing on this site? Watch it. It’s surprisingly watchable.” Drunk in a Graveyard

“Outside of the bunny, the rest of the special effects are sadly CGI, which works as it is really bad CGI but it would have worked better with the kind of effects seen in early Herschell Gordon Lewis movies as well. The cast are clearly having fun with the film which shows in their performances throughout so its hard to point out a stand out performer. Fans of B-movie films will get a real kick out of this film…” Peter Hopkins, Horrorscreams Videovault

Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell is a blast. It’s Troma-esque fun in all the right ways and certainly delivers the goods. It has a great sense of humor, incisive satire, lots of nudity, inventive kills and copious (albeit CGI) gore.” Really Awful Movies (authors of Death By Umbrella: The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons)

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“Needless to say, the acting is bad. As in some of the worst I have ever witnessed in a movie bad. The characters are irrationally stupid and completely un-relatable as they walk around like chickens with their heads cut off. Obviously all the big breasted women lose their tops and run around before getting killed with some of the worst effects I have ever seen.” Andy Comer, The Movie Waffler

Beaster Day 4

” …this film is a riotous good time from start to finish, a blatant nod and fantastic addition to the genre of over-the-top camp and grue/splatter movies. The effects are plentiful, grisly and heavily CGI generated a fact that, though usually annoying and overdone, only added to my growing adoration of this feature.” Thy Demons Be Scribblin’

“This absurd and very witty gore fest is everything you want in comedic horror, and then some Jam-packed with terrible special effects, insanely absurd characters, slap-stick(ish) laugh out loud hilarity, and a rabbit puppet from your nightmares that only wants to eat your face off, this movie is absolutely something that needs to be seen to be believed.” Jolie Bergman, Horror Habit

“The film has little in the way of plot or acting. Much of the film simply consists of total idiots or women who inexplicably take their clothes off that are eaten by a 50 foot rat-like creature. While this sounds pretty dumb, it’s much worse. The ‘killer bunny’ is obviously a marionette and the filmmakers really don’t try very hard to make it look realistic.” Martin Hafer, Influx magazine

“Everything about Beaster Day is bad, but it’s supposed to be and that’s the fun of it. This film most definitely falls into the category of being so intentionally bad that it’s awesome. This film reminds me of something you would see on Syfy except that it’s actually good and could never play on that channel due to all the excessive gore and nudity.” Michael Juvinall, Horror Society

” …the dialogue was actually witty and a lot of fun, it just seemed to flow well between the entire cast who put on an excellent job of being over cheesy as it worked, they just seemed to mesh well together. Sadly, the film is filled with CGI [..] And did I mention boobs? Yes, this rabbit has taste for hot chicks with copious amounts of cleavage, there are boobs galore…” Chris Savage,

Beaster Day 8

Filming locations:

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Technical credits:

87 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16×9

Fun Facts:

Part of the financing came from a successful Kickstarter funding campaign.

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