Monolith – USA, Germany, 1993 – reviews

‘The end of the world is about to begin’

Monolith is a 1993 American-German science fiction action horror film produced and directed by John Eyres (Ripper; Octopus; Goodnight, God Bless) from a screenplay by Stephen Lister (Xtro II). It stars Bill Paxton, Lindsay Frost, John Hurt and Louis Gossett, Jr.

In Los Angeles, mismatched cops Tucker (Bill Paxton) and Terri Flynn (Lindsay Frost) form an uneasy alliance to investigate the murder of a young boy by a mysterious Russian woman (Musetta Vander). The volatile duo are drawn into in a top secret government project involving a deadly alien life that can assume the shape of different people…


” …the science-fiction angle seems almost to have been written in as an afterthought. It is supposed to be the central drive of the film but the devious dealings of the sinister government agency take up more running time than the alien threat itself does.” Richard Scheib, Moria

“The pace is fast throughout the film and there’s loads of action for your pennies. You get exploding ambulances, people thrown off buildings, fireballs shooting out of people’s eyes, a fight atop a steel girder framed building and, get ready, our heroes jumping towards the camera, away from an explosion, three times!” Obscure Endure

“Bill Paxton is at his most hysterical, quipping the ridiculous dialogue with the glee we know him best for. Also features John Hurt giving a scenery-chewing best performance too. Just don’t watch it sober.” Ghostsmut,

Main cast:

Bill Paxton (The Vagrant; Aliens; Near Dark), Lindsay Frost (The Ring; Dead Heat), John Hurt (Only Lovers Left AliveAlienThe Ghoul), Louis Gossett, Jr. (Legend of the Mummy; Jaws 3-DJ.D.’s Revenge), Paul Ganus, Musetta Vander, Andrew Lamond, Mark Phelan, Alex Gaona, Angela Gordon, Boris Lee Krutonog, Jennifer Naud, Steve Barbro, Todd Jeffries, Bill Woodbridge.

Choice dialogue:

Tucker: “I got three rules: One, shit happens; two, shit happens on a regular basis; and three, you better get used to rule one and two.”


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