LAKE ALICE aka LAKE TOMAHAWK (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Evil lurks beneath the surface’

Lake Alice is a 2017 American horror film co-produced and directed by Ben Milliken, making his feature debut, from a screenplay by Stevie Jane Miller. Also known as Lake Tomahawk.

The movie stars Caroline Tudor, Brad Schmidt, Brando Eaton, Laura Niemi and Peter O’Brien.


Meeting the Thomas family for the first time, Ryan Emerson (Brad Schmidt) must prove his intentions with their daughter, Sarah (Caroline Tudor), and win the approval of her father, Greg (Peter O’Brien), while he masks his jealousy for Sarah’s ex-fling, Tyler (Brando Eaton).

As the Thomases settles in, things start to happen around the cabin: strange footprints by the windows, noises from outside, and a bitter animosity from the locals, including the law enforcement.

As a blizzard descends on Lake Alice, so does the evil, as the family members are hunted down one by one. They struggle to stay alive as their power in numbers slowly dwindle…


“You can’t set a movie like this up much better than Milliken manages. The problems, however, begin to take shape after all of the introductory and exploratory work has reached its end. It’s when the violence gets to barreling along that some errors start to poke through the surface.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“It is weird to see how poorly handled all of the slasher elements are. The build-up, the suspense, it is all gone, while the movie was still doing such a great job with this in its first half. Even the gore and kills feel terribly disappointing, as does the big ‘reveal’ at the end.” Boba_Fett1138

“Silly character motivations, bad horror movie cliches, people who turn out to be psycho for no apparent reason, cringe-worthy acting. It’s all there, and it’s all bad. Whatever goodwill the movie built up with its unique pacing is destroyed in the final five minutes. Still, everything up until the ending is done well enough, and I had fun watching the flick.” Cultured Vultures

“Able acting takes a slim script as far as it can go too. There’s just no getting around the lethargic lack of zip sucking the life out of everything. An ending that spins itself dizzy from several far-fetched switcheroos confirms Lake Alice relies too much on its silly surprise destination instead of fulfilling a satisfying journey of suspense.” Culture Crypt

“Unfortunately, the film seems to just switch on to autopilot at the third act (the film is just under eighty-minute so the viewer is not waiting that long for something to happen) with dead phones, missing car keys, power outages, and a The Strangers-esque masked killer murdering his way through several of the red herrings…” DVD Beaver

“The film runs a swift 75 minutes, and thank god it does. Those early moments, where nothing much happens bar some drawn-out familial scenes, are hard going. Add to that a number of audio issues […] and Lake Tomahawk certainly tries its damnedest to put the audience off the film at each and every turn.” Nerdly

“With a final reveal that turns eye-rolling into an Olympic sport, Lake Tomahawk heads into the final stretch with a deeply disappointing ending and a litany of unresolved threads. It’s by no means a lost cause, as with a fine cast of recognisable faces it’s still a pacey Yuletide tale, but just quell any enthusiasm before the inevitable downer hits you with all its might.” The Schlock Pit


The film was released on DVD in the UK on 8 May 2017 as Lake Tomahawk by High Fliers Films.

Cast and characters:

Brando Eaton … Tyler Patterson
Peter O’Brien … Greg Thomas
Michael Shamus Wiles … Hank
Eileen Dietz … Jane Patterson
Laura Niemi … Natalie Thomas
Patrick Burch … Carl (as Patrick A. Burch)
Brad Schmidt … Ryan Emerson
Caroline Tudor … Sarah Thomas
Craig Rees … Deputy Reed

Filming locations:

Lake Alice, Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Teaser trailer: