Skull Island: The Birth of Kong – comic book, 2017

Skull Island: The Birth of Kong is a 2017 monthly comic book written by Arvid Nelson with artwork by Zid.

The comic serves as both a prequel and sequel to the blockbuster film Kong: Skull Island, in addition to paving the way for future entries in the ‘MonsterVerse’. The first issue is released on September 12, via Legendary Comics.

Official synopsis:

Skull Island: The Birth of Kong tells of a secret team of Monarch operatives returning to Skull Island to discover the truth behind Kong and the island he was born to protect.

In doing so, they unlock an ancient history of monster conflict, witness the primal war between Kong and an otherworldly ecosystem of deadly new creatures, and finally reveal how this lonely god became the last of his kind.

Featuring new monsters and previously unseen Skull Island locations, the book gives fans a chance to see how Kong has evolved since the events of the film.

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