MRS. CLAUS aka STIRRING (2018) reviews and overview


‘A creature is stirring’

Mrs. Claus aka Stirring is a 2018 American slasher horror feature film written and directed by Troy Escamilla (Teacher ShortageParty Night). The Fright Meter Films production stars Helene Udy, Brinke Stevens and Kaylee Williams.


Students attending a Christmas party at a sorority house with a sinister past are stalked by a bloodthirsty killer disguised as Mrs. Claus…


“The score has some memorable themes and most of the performances are consistently good, the best work coming from Strader and Bounds with highlights from Heflin and Williams as well. The practical blood and gore is sure to satisfy genre fans, although the deaths are rather generic.” Adam the Movie God

“It would be so easy to go down the CGI route for a low budget horror, but director Troy Escamilla is clearly a fan of the practical effect, as his shots linger just those extra few seconds even after the victim has been slayed. Although the ending feels slightly rushed there’s plenty to enjoy here…” Bloody Flicks

“Quickly the slim story runs out of steam.
But there’s still half the runtime yet to fill up the screen.
Actors seem to do improv to stretch out that time.
Their dialogue is so awful, it should be a punishable crime.”
Culture Crypt

“Between the nostalgia we feel at Christmas time and the nostalgia we feel from our favorite slasher films, Stirring effectively ties these two beloved traditions together and the end result is a fun and familiar feeling horror flick: familiar in the way of seeing old family members during the holidays.” The Indie Horror Review

“Essentially it boils down to a load of characters randomly going off and getting murdered one by one but it was entertaining to watch. Sure Stirring is another homage to classic slashers but this felt like it had more identity to itself. […] I found Stirring to be a fun and bloody slasher that never failed to entertain.” The Rotting Zombie


In the USA, Mrs. Claus was released on DVD and VOD on November 13, 2018, by Wild Eye Releasing

Main cast:

Helene Udy … Mrs. Werner – The Possession of Mia Moss; First House on the Hill; Swamp Freak; Terror TalesIncubus (1981); et al
Brinke Stevens … Julie Cornell – Death House; Adam K; The Ouija Possession
Kaylee Williams … Amber – Leaf Blower Massacre 2; Ahockalypse; Porkchop 3D
Ryan Poole … Grant
Billy Brannigan … Kyle
Alexandra Brents … Party Goer in Elf Costume
Mel Heflin … Angela
Daiane Azura … Sophie
Jantel Fontenot … Monica
Jace Greenwood … Tyler
Hailey Strader … Danielle
Bradley William Smith … Guy at Party
Drew Shotwell … Jake
Lawrence McKinney … Charity Santa Claus
Brandy Specks … Hannah
Minela Sljoka … Madison
Heather Bounds … Kayla
Johann Yollie Conway Jr. … Party Goer
Ronni Lea … Alexandra
Brooke Dwyer … Brittany

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