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‘You don’t have to die to go to Hell’

Inner Demon is a 2014 Australian horror feature film written and directed by Ursula Dabrowsky (Family Demons). The movie stars Sarah Jeavons (Too Dark), Kerry Ann Reid (Family Demons) and Andreas Sobik (Wolf Creek TV series). This movie should not be confused with Seth Grossman’s 2014 US film Inner Demons.


Teenager Sam (Sarah Jeavons) who manages to escape from a deranged serial killer couple (Kerry Ann Reid and Andreas Sobik).

Unfortunately, a cabin in the woods that she hoped would be a safe house turns out to be even more harrowing and dangerous than the initial entrapment by her captors…


“Superb cinematography belies the film’s small budget and Sarah Jeavons, in her first lead role, is mesmerizing as she winds up in a visceral fight for survival. […] The film teems with stomach-churning moments […] and toys with power dynamics—as the story develops, it’s not clear who’s a villain and who’s simply been forced to commit evil.” Bitch Media

Inner Demon starts strong and finishes stronger with a mildly unique hook for a closer. It just needs an adrenaline shot to its average midsection to pick up the pulse and give audiences a standout reason to sit up and take notice.” Culture Crypt

” …if you don’t mind genre flips and are looking for some nice chase sequences, you’ll want to give Inner Demon a try. For me, 66% of the film was astounding with the latter 33% only slightly less so […] a solid entry in abduction subgenre with points for some twists and solid performances by the very small cast.” Ain’t it Cool News

“For a modestly budgeted film it’s superbly shot and, surprisingly, much of what goes on takes place in broad daylight but never dilutes the sensation of trepidation. Whilst the film eventually holes itself up in a cupboard with Sam, there are some particularly well-staged sequences early on with a memorable chase through the woods executed to perfection.” Scream magazine

“…Ursula Dabrowsky’s Inner Demon just about sustains itself on the strength of its intrepid teenage heroine’s commitment to protect her younger, timider sister … but its piling-up of cliché elements and mish-mash of survival horror (not that the protagonist really survives) and avenging ghosts risks losing the audience at key moments.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …the whole experience is rather muddied. You suddenly forget everything you loved about the first hour because the last 30 minutes is so bonkers and frankly rubbish. With a bit more restraint, this could have been a winner.” Flickering Myth


As of April 21, 2017, Inner Demon was released via Terror Films on Amazon Instant and various streaming platforms.

Fun Facts:

The plot is loosely based on the Truro murders in which seven women were hunted down and murdered in South Australia over a two month period in 1976 – 1977 by Christopher Worrell and James Miller.

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