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‘Evil has a new home’

The House on Elm Lake is a 2017 British supernatural horror feature film directed by James Klass (Mother Krampus aka 12 Deaths of Christmas) from a screenplay written by Shannon Holiday (Bride of Scarecrow; Mandy the Doll) and Scott Jeffrey (The Bad NunUnhinged; Fox Trap). The Proportion Productions film stars Becky Fletcher, Andrew Hollingworth and Faye Goodwin.


A man convinced that Lucifer was within him brutally murdered his wife and child in satanic sacrifice.

Now, years later, Eric (Andrew Hollingworth), Hayley (Becky Fletcher) and their daughter Penny (Faye Goodwin), move into the same house after being left unsold on the market. They think they got a good deal – but what they don’t know is that the House on Elm Lake has for centuries been home to the servants of Lucifer and that it holds a treacherous evil waiting to be unleashed…

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“There are some nice, spooky moments, some good scenes here and there, and it even builds up a good level of tension at points. Unfortunately, it also manages to burst these positive bubbles with some truly silly sequences. The story is derivative, and Hirani and Hollingsworth carry most of the acting.” Cryptic Rock

“It’s a movie you’re going to have to stick with. It starts slow, but builds its momentum at an alarming rate. Twisted, uncomfortable, gory, bizarre, primitive – this one’s got it all. An unexpected thrill ride and a nightmare event for the ages. I was shocked and surprised…” Horror Society

“Minor gripe aside, this is undoubtedly the most frightening British horror movie I’ve seen since Elliot Goldner’s Borderlands (2013). Chock-full of superbly scary imagery, and oozing with atmosphere, this was a real thrill to watch.” The Schlock Pit

The House of Elm Lake leaves you drained after watching, because it is a dark uncompromising film. Mixing raw horror and a surreal reality, it forces you to endure the events rather than enjoy them. Visually creative and relentless in its execution, it has an original feel of true horror, which fans have been waiting for.” Morbidly Beautiful

“At one point the bedroom door slams shut as a demonic voice shouts, “Get Out!” I had to laugh at the unintentional(?) reference. Mix in a dash of Rosemary’s Baby and that’s my only real complaint; that a good movie borrows elements from two other good movies. If that’s the worst I can write about, this is a solid flick.” Nerdly

“There are thousands of films about someone getting possessed by Satan or the devil and goes on a killing spree etc. The film already has a mountain to climb before it has even started just to try and be different. But then that is where other faults come in that really don’t help.” Roobla

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In the UK, the film was released on DVD on 11 September 2017 by Left Films with the cover title House on Elm Lake.

In the USA, Wild Eye Releasing released the film on VOD on April 10, 2018.


The film was apparently shot in 2014 on hardly any budget, and then reshot in 2017 with a bigger budget and a script rewrite.

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