THE DEMON INSIDE (2015) Reviews and overview


‘His sins brought the demon to life. Now it wants his daughter’

The Demon Inside is a 2015 supernatural horror feature film written, co-produced and directed by Joey Moran (The Z Virus TV series). The Skeleton Kreek Films production stars Joseph Rene, Madeline Thelton and Timothy Talbott.


Years after his release from jail, Sam Parsons is trying to build the his life with his wife Courtney and their young daughter Harper. He works hard to provide for his family and to afford their home in their quiet suburban neighbourhood.

When supernatural occurrences begin to happen in the house, Sam fears for the safety of his wife and daughter. Once the manifestations turn into attacks, Sam hires Corbin Carlysle and his reality TV show ghost hunting team known as “The Ghost Killers”, to help him battle the dark entity that’s lurking in the shadows of his home.

As things start to escalate and it becomes clear that this entity is much more dangerous than your typical ghost, complication arise when Corbin and his team are more focused on the fame and fortune. To win this fight Sam must battle his own inner demons and revert back to his violent past. In order to save the ones he loves a demon must face a demon…


“The tonality against television personalities has satirical amusement. Yet, the film doesn’t remain true with the Horror element. The cast provided the commitment needed to carry out laughable scenes. Chloe Lee radiates as a wonderful actress.” Decay Mag

“While the film does have some minor issues involved here with its overlong running time and some problematic storytelling, the fact that there’s a lot of enjoyable elements present here manages to make this a wholly entertaining effort.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“There are several moments that contain a decent amount of blood and violence, which is slightly comparable to Evil Dead 2 in scope and camp factor. The first act contains some nice creepy moments that should genuinely scare many viewers. This should be a sufficient amount of scares and violence to satisfy most horror fans.” The Movie Sleuth

“Overall, I do recommend The Demon Inside because it is strong in the first two acts and is entertaining as a whole, but be warned that it might leave you unsatisfied with the ending, which feels rushed, doing a real disservice to the film.” Wicked Horror

Main cast:

  • Joseph Rene
  • Madeline Thelton (Big Bad)
  • Lance Eakright
  • Timothy Talbott
  • Grace Patterson
  • Jack Watkins
  • Crystal Cook
  • Chloe Lee
  • Crew Wyard
  • John Kviklys
  • Jake Ryan Hull
  • Jason Nicholson

Filming locations:

Dallas, Texas


The film is being distributed by Dauntless Studios

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